Sunday, 10 February 2013

349 40K Anti-Tank Support?

Hi All,

I live!

A while back, Zzzzzz sent me one of his superb 'care packages' which included a brace of Soviet 122mm howitzers for me to use as A/T artillery support and two really really sexy vehicles to act as tractors for them (more on them when I - eventually - get to them).
 Anyway, I've been really frustrated recently by how much hassle and faff it is to get my paints out at midnight for an hour's painting before bed, but last night I remembered I had these to construct! As building (and converting) has always been my favourite part of the hobby I was delighted to give them a go.

Strewth, but 1/35 scale is fiddly! On the up-side (see pics), the barrel recoils (albeit with the breech glued open(?!)), the trails split and the rock-spades flip down, but the down-side? - ohmigosh these were absolute buggers to put together. The photos show two entire hours' painstaking work. Jeez.
Also, twice I had to dig around on the unvacuumed floor to try to find tiny rods that'd pinged off the table...the second of these bits I finally managed to dig out of the corgi's fur!

But thanks, Zzzzzz, for giving me the chance ot get a wee bit done - even if it is just a tiny wee bit.

Keep well, everyone - see you again when I can,

- D.


  1. Looking good. Glad to see you managed to squeeze some hobby into you busy day. Can we get a shot next to a guardsman and maybe a basilisk for scale?

  2. I second that, how big are these to 40K standards? Glad you are still living. Ha

  3. Good stuff - there's a place for 1:35 in 40K, I seem to remember it being a bit bigger than whatever 28mm is but I had an old 1:35 light mortar which fitted very well as a heavy mortar. Nice to set yourself a bit of a challenge and do something a bit different though, I've frustrated myself with doing those sorts of kits recently! Good work, glad to hear you're getting on okay, albeit busily.

  4. Thanks, chaps.

    I finished it this evening (bloody fiddly!) and it's a lot bigger than I anticipated, so the two of them will most likely see service as howitzers - maybe using some heavy mortar rules...

    I took some pics so anticipate another post soon...


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