Wednesday 7 March 2018

633 - Drax's Painting Charts - Now Available in Print!

Hullo All,

Great news! I've had an article published in the latest edition of 'Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy' magazine! 
WSS 95 - I'm there, baby!
Long-term readers will be aware of the way in which I track the progress of my modelling and painting: the fabled Draxian Paint Chart [there's usually a link on the right sidebar], which uses simple colour-coding on a basic Excel spreadsheet.

It's a self-explanatory system, but rather pleasingly I've been able to share it with the wider wargaming world through my article - here's a link to the entirely excellent magazine [link here] ...and here are the rest of my painting charts, as they stand in March 2018:
My Main Guys!

Their Late-War Foes (and the key again)

The Early-War Germans (late-1940/Sealion theme)
My Rock Apes, for Italy/NW Europe
And of course, my (recently expanded) Desert Rats
...and in 15mm, the discovery of Battlegroup has led me to revisit and start to slightly expand my old Flames of War models - also 4KSLI:

It should be noted that I do also have a small15mm Bolt Action reinforced platoon, with the troops on separate (fivepence) bases, but they've not got their own chart yet.

Until next time, then...

- Chris


  1. I was just talking last night about sorting out my next 15mm target, and was thinking about revisiting this idea!

  2. Very nicely done mate! I haven't been published.... anywhere. Not that I'd tried. Far too lacking in my ability to author.

    1. Thanks, matey. My daughters were ridiculously excited to see it!

  3. I'm in Oxford tomorrow - I'll see if I can find a copy.

  4. Kudos! Publication in a printed product is a pretty sweet accomplishment.

    1. Thanks, mate!

      Hopefully there's more on the horizon, too...


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