Tuesday, 8 January 2019

667 - 2018 Winter Challenge: British Paras! Days 9-15

Evening, All!

It's been a mixed week. I made a lot of progress to start with, and then realised - to my utter frustration, that I was missing a key colour: the red-brown for the camo. 
As you might be able to see from the test figure I did, below, (which is only about 90% complete) the brown is just too...brown. Rats.
So how, then, did I fill the time in my hour of need? Well firstly, I got all the green patches, helmets and equipment...
 ...including my 4KSLI medic and my RAF Regiment PIAT team, just because they were at hand (note the RAF shoulder flashes on the chaps at the back):
I also bought this paint rack for a few quid. It's basic, but fits inside my little hobby cupboard:
 ...and whilst I had the Russian Armour green out, I took the chance to prime and base-coat my Challenger A30 - more on this in another post, sometime.
I also finished off the last of the Sarissa MDF scenery I was putting together for Guy, for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
And finally - I quickly put together a small rocky outcrop with a simple automated lighthouse and hut for Cruel Seas:
Annoyingly, what makes this worse is that I thought I'd ordered the red-brown colour. The paints arrived today, and I didn't. That means an even longer wait, and so I'll have to work out what to do with the paras in the meantime: probably boots and flesh at least...

- Drax.

Monday, 31 December 2018

666 - 2018 Winter Challenge: British Paras! Days 1-8

Happy New Year, All!

I decided - as I had less homework than normal this holiday - to challenge myself to get an entire project done. To this end, I opened-up my options as polls in a couple of my games clubs, and the winning option for completion by the end of January 2019 was 1000 points of British Paras: 
British Airborne Starter Army
To be more precise, a list from the Market Garden campaign book for the 21st Independent Company - the British Pathfinders. I've always been interested in those who drop in first, and I enjoy playing unusual lists too. It's going to be a tricky list, mind: there's no free artillery FOO, no AT guns, no vehicles, no on-table artillery, none of my beloved 3" mortar...essentially nothing that couldn't be sneakily parachuted in. What they do have is more PIATs, snipers and 2" mortars than normal, a Captain as their default OC, and a cool special rule for the actual pathfinder sections.

The plan (ha!) is to make some progress - however minimal - as often as I can: every day, if possible. I'm now on Day 8, and by now I have all 39 men in the platoon based, primed, base-coated and with the desert yellow base-coat on their smocks. It's been quite a slog!

Day 1. Metal teams assembled.
Day 5...maybe? All models assembled and based.
Day 6 (below, too.) All models primed and base-coated
with English Uniform. It looks better without a flash.
Day 7: some smocks base-coated Desert Yellow
Day 8: the rest of the smocks base-coated.
...So there you go.

It's been an uncharacteristically speedy start (for me) and although I'm dreading the painting of the Denison smock camouflage, I think I should be okay to get them finished by the end of January. 

I must say, it's really weird for me to see a 1000pt Bolt Action army represented by just 39 men! Still, I've wanted paras for ages - they're so damned iconic - and as I got the box set essentially for free in a trade for some mid-90s Space Marine odds-and-sods that I found in a box, I'm laughing, really!

More updates as I get to them. 

Happy New Year, folks - my 2019 be a great one for you!

- Chris.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

665 - Merry Christmas and Cruel Seas!

Merry Christmas, One and All!

I'll keep this brief:
1) I played Cruel Seas last month;
2) I really enjoyed it, warts and all;
3) I've ordered it.

(NB: we played this before the game's release, so we were obliged to use 1:600 (rather than 1:300) vessels, and to improvise torpedoes out of bits of sprue...)
(Above) At this point, I'd somehow managed to get one of my S-Boots around the port side of the already limping convoy, and it was time to bring machine-gunny doom to the main target, the central ship.)
- Drax