Tuesday, 3 March 2015

491 - EXCITEMENT! First X-Wing Tournament - Part 1

Hullo, Friends!
I've actually got a couple of posts in the pipeline for once, but first...NEWS!

This last weekend I had the singular joy of attending my first official X-Wing tournament - it was co-hosted by Kirton Games (of Col. Gravis/Curious Constructs fame - see banner, above) in Exeter and it was an absolute blast!

Yup, 'Exe-Wing' (for what else could they call it?!) was a four-round, Swiss-style tourney, and on the off-chance you're vaguely interested, I'll give you a quick run-down of my trials and tribulations here, in two parts.

The 'Mutts and Mongrels'

You know me by now - I'm not particularly competitive, and I haven't even played X-Wing since before Christmas, so I went for a squadron that was suitably in keeping with the canon - it would also be simple to use and not 'gamey'. It was as follows:
As it turned out, there was a fair bit of list variety in the room - from the beardy net-lists to the rather fun ones. There was also a 'Scum and Villainy' list, although I didn't get to play them. Rather pleasingly, I did get a couple of compliments on the fluffy/canonical nature of my squadron - I'm glad that folks noticed!

Game 1 - Tim with an Empire 'Mini-Swarm'
Notes and Result: 

In Tim's own words a little later, "This was a tough list a couple of years ago!" Tim's pretty new to the game and was an absolute gent to play against: we were both bumbling through a lot of rustiness with the rules and I lost us at least two minutes as my bottle of drink sprayed all over the floor, but our ships finally clashed and eventually - in the dying seconds of a slow game - I managed to kill (for no loss) an Academy Pilot. That was the lowest of the low in terms of kills, but it was enough to scrape me, at twelve points, a 'modified win'.
This mat looks amazing...This mat, though, prevents you from seeing absolutely ANY playing pieces - it's a right pain in the Wookie!
Result = Modified Win (12-0)

Game 2 - Rich with Empire: the 'Royal Guard' - 4 Interceptors
Notes and Result:

Since this match I've been scratching my head, wondering just what - if anything - I could've done to maybe shoot down just one of his ships...but I can't think of very much. As it happened, four Interceptors with 'Push the Limit' are enough to run rings around anyone! My only consolation was that my plucky little A-Wing didn't shy away, and upon finding he was the sole survivor of my squadron he charged headlong into the enemy formation - staying bafflingly alive for two more rounds before succumbing. I was tabled.
Valiant death of an A-Wing.
Result = Match Loss (0-100)

Tune in next time for Part Deux and the final placing...

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

490 - Bolt Action Infantry Progress - Bit-by-Bit (W-i-P)

I've been forcing myself to paint again...

It may not look much, but these first six men (2Lt and one fire team) are almost done. By 'almost' I mean what's missing includes this:

  • Some facial detail (and hair - I hate hair. That's why they're all wearing their lids),
  • Rank insignia,
  • Helmet camo for those requiring it,
  • Maybe a bit of drybrushing on the khaki, and 
  • A metric tonne of inky wash, which I've no doubt will make a substantial improvement.
My photography is as unflattering as ever, but here they are (NB: the rest of 1 Section are almost up to this point too:

They even sport enamel mugs in a subtle range of colours...


- D.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

489 - Painting the Black Bull at 28mm

This is what worried me most about approaching historical gaming at 28mm: painting unit markings.

It turns out (and thanks to those of you who punted me in this direction) that freehanding the Black Bull of 11AD really isn't too bad - at least with my trusty '005' fineliner pen to help with the black!

I thought I'd practise on my spanky new Bren Carrier crew:
Mmm...unflattering, garish flash!
- sans flash -
In my head, THIS is how one gets in and out of a Bren Carrier...
Top view, naturellement.
And yes, I do know there's more yet to be done...


- Drax.