Sunday, 23 August 2015

521 - 6MMRPC 10: - - We Interrupt This Broadcast - -

This week I should have been posting fiction in the aftermath of The Second Siege of Agratha, but technical issues and real life have conspired to prevent me from doing so. 
[What I should be writing about]
I'm also terrible at writing fluff but please allow me to draw your attention to these marvellous contributions from the camps of Col. Gravis and Col. Winterbourne respectively:

  • Gravis (part 1; plenty more thereafter: link here)
  • Winterbourne (part 1; more to follow: link here)
For my part in the meantime, I shall meet the statutory requirements of 6MMRPC by noting that this week I was at least able to do a wee bit more building, viz, I have now completed making my troop of Comets - four tanks and what will be a wreck (see here for details from before: link):
Imagine three-and-a-half more of these...
Fluff soon, I promise.

Drax out.

Friday, 14 August 2015

520 - 6MMRPC 9: Completion and a Joker

This will need to be quick: I've got the biggest 40K smackdown of my life starting in about 14 hours, and miles to go before I sleep.

To sum-up 6MMRPC progress over the last two weeks, I've somehow finally finished the 2nd Ed Stormtroopers for tomorrow's match (if you're not familiar with the 'sculpts' then trust me: the faces are as flat and featureless as a puddle, so I'll go back to them later, maybe), but I also accidentally played a Joker. First though, some 2am-style pics:
Emperor be praised. I should note that there is, of course, another 10-man section (1 Section) to complete this platoon; what you see here is just what I've whizzed through in the last fortnight-or-so.
2 Sect (plas/melta); 3 Sect (2x volley) and HQ Sect (4x volley)

If you look carefully at the right-hand side of the first pic, you'll see how I've killed two birds with one stone: many of the models had rifle barrels which had snapped off, and I lacked special after a bit of a hatchet job with some lasguns, six troopers now have the 2nd Ed retro--fitted version of a hotshot volley gun (or whatever it's called): four in the Platoon HQ Section and two in 3 Section.

Now, what about this joker? Well, I was in an old FLGS in Norwich and - without thinking and for the first time EVER at my wife's prompting - I bought myself a new toy: a B-Wing to complete my X-Wing Rebel flight, the 'Mutts and Mongrels'. 

Right then. In my mind, at least, that brings me full-square and back on track with the 6MMRPC blogging. So there. 

Right. I'd better get painting for tomorrow then...


- Drax

...And miles to go, before I sleep.

Monday, 10 August 2015

519 - The Second Siege of Agratha - Part 3: Friendly Forces

To step away from the fluff for a brief moment, Gentle Readers, I shall try to fill you in on where all this has come from.

Back in May, in Post 500 (here: link) I announced that I was planning to sell off my 40K Imperial Guard army. Within only a couple of days of this I'd had a couple of folks showing genuine interest (thanks, chaps!) and a message from Colonel Winterborne of the 4th Praetorian Mechanised Regiment (here: link) informing me that I had to go out fighting.

And thus a legend was born.

Shortly thereafter, and in a process totalling (so far) over a hundred emails, a home was found for the game (Kirton Games in Crediton, run by Col. Gravis), an enemy was found for the Imperium of Man and a handful of additional belligerents were uncovered too, so in total we now have the following:

  • 4th Praetorian Regiment of Foot (The Lord Governor's Own) under Col. Gravis himself, with a notable detachment of cavalry (here: link)
    Col. Gravis. Windswept. Bit of a smoldering 'Poldark' thing going on there, wouldn't you say?
  • 4th Preatorian Mechanised Regiment, under Col. Winterborne. I should point out that both of these Praetorian armies are absolutely bloomin' stunning and my lacklustre Cadians will sully the table just by being near them.
    Col. Winterborne. Whiskery. Okay - this guy means business. 
  • 2/24th Cadian Light Infantry under the local command of Admiral Drax (with recent reinforcements from a liaison detachment of 262 Line Regiment of Krieg, under Oberst Horne [please see Zzzzzz's delightful fluff in my last post, here])
  • An Ork Warband led by Warboss Gorblud (Matt),
  • A Second Ork Warband of Goffs, led by Braindead Bigsod (Mike) and
  • Yet Another Ork Warband led by Wazdakka Gutsmek (James)
Sadly my knowledge and understanding of our Orkish adversaries (both on and off the field) is limited, but frankly, that seems appropriate, given the fog of war (and the fact that the Ork players aren't bloggers).

Sadly, my grasp of the rules since 5th edition is also pretty tenuous, but I'm sure I'll pick it up, right?

Gravis and his team at Kirton Games [BUY STUFF FROM THEM HERE! --> link] have been doing a sterling job of getting tables, scenery, Leviathans etc. ready for this event (when their real lives have allowed it), and I'm grateful to Winterborne and Matt in particular for penning some great background fluff and rules. 

Mostly though, I'm humbled and touched by this fiendly ol' blogosphere of ours a-rallying round!

Thanks, All!

- 4 Days...