Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Monday, 4 July 2016

561 - Thus It Begins: Bolt Action Desert Rats

Hullo, Rat-fans!

It's finally happened: I have moved into the desert. This is a theatre of war about which I actually know fairly little, but as some of you know, I've been planning to expand desert-wise for a couple of years now. 

Ideally, I will move toward a 15mm Light Tank company for Flames of War, but the fact that I'm remaining in the UK has meant that I have entered a Bolt Action friendly tournament for October...with a 750pt 'early war' theme...which means I shall need a new army.

Step forward the Brits in North Africa:

I'm rather excited about this, and there are a few more treats on the way too. 

In other news, I've finally cast off the shackles of my second-job-oppression, so I'll actually have hobby time again for the next couple of months: building, modelling, painting (lots and lots of painting - *sigh*) yes, and even reading your fantastic blogs once again!

For now, though...I've got some kit building to do!

(once I've done the washing up)


- Drax.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

560 - Bolt Action Painting Chart

Hullo, All.

I realised it was a while since I'd updated my painting charts. As this is really my only focus at the moment - at the moment! - please find below my 28mm Bolt Action British late-war 4KSLI, as they currently stand:

Quite a bit of work to do, as you can no doubt see, but I'm happy with where I am. The yellow 'in progress' stuff is mostly just 'in progress' because it's larger stuff (all vehicles) that sit rather obviously and ominously in my drawer, reminding me that I need to show them some love. All infantry are on the back burner at the moment, because thy're far more fiddly, and as the cottage is such a dire mess at the moment, I cannot face dragging them out.

I promise I'll catch up on your blogs soon: my week nights should soon become a little more free once again...

Take care, All,

- Drax.