Saturday, 24 September 2016

574 - Desert Rats Vehicles Finished!

Hooray: All done!

A Crusader Mk I, Humber Armoured Car Mk II, and some transport - let's call it a 30cwt lorry.

Managed to get them varnished today, and took a few pics outside:
 Grumpy driver. It gets hot in that desert!
 ...Camo with moving turrets.
And for those of you wondering how the camo works at a 'distance'.

It goes almost without saying that I have enjoyed the challenge of these anything-other-than-olive-drab vehicles!

Cheers, all - just a few bits left now!

- Drax.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

573 - Crusader Mk I Finished!

...Okay, so it's not yet varnished, and the late-night mobile pics make the red and white flash look terrible...but I have finished the Crusader!
Another unit nailed for my brave Sikh lads...

- D.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

572 - Being Caunter-Productive

Sorry -

After following Dai's example in post 571, I just couldn't resist the pun!

Here's the result of the last two evenings' careful planning and painting (obviously still a messy W-i-P):

Paints are Skeleton Bone (my new go-to base), Russian Uniform, and GW's Fortress Grey (I think. If I'm wrong, I shall correct this).
Many of you know that colour really is not a strength of mine, so I was delighted that these work so well together: even to the point of the grey looking quite blue-y in the pictures!

Now I just need to tidy the wretched thing up.
And finish the Humber.
And add details to both.
And finish the last of my infantry support teams.
And mount, base, prime, basecoat, paint and finish my 25pdr.
All in a few short weeks.


- Drax.