Friday, 10 April 2015

498 - Bolt Action 28mm British Progress

[NB: my rural internet connection has been TERRIBLE lately, so please forgive me if I've missed stuff on your blogs...]

Well, it's been a weird week - I've been travelling around a lot, and my evenings have been taken up - quite pleasantly - with social engagements, but here's a pic of the bulk of my assembled 28mm Bolt Action (although since this pic was taken I've now finished building and base-coating ALL of my infantry and vehicle crew...):
I don't know why the lone chap, bottom-right, stepped forward. "Hey, Tommy: never volunteer!"

As it stands, then, my 28mm Bolt Action British force comprises the following; all 'regular' and from the 'Normandy' force selector. Naturally, they're 4KSLI, 11th Armoured Division...:

  • 2Lt
  • [free] Artillery Orserver
  • Medic
  • Sniper Team
  • PIAT Team
  • 1 Sect, 10 men with 2 SMGs and 1 Bren
  • 2 Sect, 10 men with 2 SMGs and 1 Bren
  • 3 Sect, 10 men with 2 SMGs and 1 Bren
  • 4 Sect, 6 men with 2 SMGs and 1 Bren [the spare Tommy can act as a runner]
  • 3" Mortar + observer [not pictured (not yet assembled)]
  • Vickers MMG Team [not pictured (not yet assembled)]
  • 6 pdr Anti-Tank Gun [not pictured (not yet assembled)]
  • Recce Carrier
  • 3x Bren Carrier (transports)
  • Cromwell Tank

I've also constructed a 1000 point list - which I'm rather excited to run - that is essentially a fighting 'Carrier Section'. Yay!

In other - not dissimilar news - I've also started revisiting my 15mm Bolt Action troops, and without purchasing anything have now cobbled together a fairly substantial Monte Casino list. Watch this space for parallel developments...

- Drax.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

497 - Life Lessons

I'm a teacher. 

Love us or hate us, our job is to try to teach stuff to kids, and by-and-large - despite all bloody interference by ministers and tabloids - we tend take an immense pride in our jobs. Sometimes, we even take it seriously.

Last month, however, I was forced - forced, I tell you - to stop teaching a lesson on genre tropes ten whole minutes early in response to overhearing an 11 year old boy telling his group that a genre feature of sci-fi was 'Jar-Jar Binks'.

Once I'd finished spluttering, gesticulating and suppressing profanities, I spent the remaining time putting them straight through a long, multifaceted rant. Here's what was still there of my copious notes at the end of the lesson:
What fools these mortals be.

- Drax.

Friday, 27 March 2015

496 - Bolt Action Scenic Pin Markers/Order Dice

Hullo - I thought some of you might like what I made last fortnight:
They're 'Heroclix' bases, which function as order dice holders and pin markers for those folks who - like me - get easily confused.

I must point out, that this is not my original idea: it's taken wholesale from the marvellous work of Jarec at SIX-D-SIX (link here) who also gives such a smashing tutorial that even I was able to follow it. And boy, are these quick to make!

For once, I'll let the pics speak for themselves...
With thanks again to the excellent Jarec,

- Drax.