Thursday, 29 January 2015

485 - Bolt Action British - First XV

Well done Warlord Games! 

These figures are really, really characterful: an absolute joy to behold - I can hardly wait to see them painted up!

Yes, I've been enjoying expanding into 28mm Bolt Action (I already have some 15mm BA bits...)

They were fiddly, though. Cutting down their spines and backpacks in order to insert an equally-trimmed-down spade haft is not a job for new modellers, and one of the tiny Webley service revolvers has irretrievably pinged-off I don't know where, but these models really are smashing!

Here's my first fifteen, with annotations and mildly differing camera angles:
- Drax.

PS: "More on the way"? - Who said that? I never said there was more on the way...

...did I?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

484 - Sad But Inevitable: Ebay Time

Yup - money's tight and space is at a premium, so the peripheral hobby stuff is having to go. I had a wee cull a fortnight ago, but Mrs Drax said I should at least tell you lot that it's happening, so here it is. All of the following are up for sale, amongst some other bits and bobs *sniff*:
Err...Cadian Rough Riders?
Oh well - more (and more streamlined) toys for Chris, maybe...?

(Plus the family not starving, of course.)

- D.

Monday, 19 January 2015

483 - X-Wing Moonbase Painting Progress

Hullo All,

Thanks for the tips a couple of posts ago: I've now drybrushed the rock, softened? warmed? changed the grey of all the man-made structures and then repainted all of the shadow and some edge highllights, with varying degrees of success. I reckon it looks smashing!
Not amused.
Amused far less.
Sadly, spot colours just didn't work at all: the scale's all wrong. If I had subtlety enough with my painting, I'd paint it in a muted palette like the underside of the GR-70 Reel Transport...but I don't. So I won't.

It still needs a bit more tidying, and I'll follow some of  Mordian 7th's advice and deepen the well-like structures, but it's that Lambda shuttle that's frustrating me: I just cannot make it look right and the more paint I put on it the clunkier it becomes. Any thoughts for more free help, please?

Pretty please?

- D.