Tuesday, 7 May 2019

680 - 'Mortal Gods' - Inaugural Game.

Well - inevitably - I've played my first game of Mortal Gods. Hosted by Guy, I played my unpainted Thebans against Rossco and his son.

Having not played 'Test of Honour', on which it's loosely based, I didn't really know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite being well and truly beaten. 

The 'pebbles' system of activation is really interesting, and a cool change from the Bolt Action/Cruel Seas dice mechanic. I also loved the 'omens', as I'm a big fan of random stuff happening mid-flow!

A couple of things didn't quite sit well with me: most notable was that when my light javelin troops (peltasts) were charged, they couldn't choose to run away; also, for a game wherein facings of phalanxes are important, the triangular bases seem slightly unhelpful...
(I lost, despite the cooler pose.)

...but then, I haven't yet got to read the rules, yet, so these things may well be fully addressed!

If nothing else, it was great to be reminded that UNPAINTED MODELS CANNOT WIN! 

- Drax.

Sunday, 21 April 2019

679 - Yet Another System?! - Mortal Gods


I've been given a bunch of Ancient Greek minis, and invited to paint them up for a spot of 'Mortal Gods'... and as I'm not one to pass on a freebie, here goes!

They'll be armoured and unarmoured Theban hoplites. As for the game? - well, I have no idea about that... yet!

- Drax.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

678 - Lots and Lots More Cruel Seas

Hullo All,

In my recent style of brevity, I shall keep this - uh - brief. I've played three games of Cruel Seas in the last week alone and this is - frankly - unprecedented. 

All three were versions of the same game - German S-Boats escorting armed merchantmen - and the best bit is that whilst the first and third were identical (played against Rossco and Mattenbury respectively), the second one was played between my daughters!

Yes, I finally caved and let them play one of my games. The nine-year-old played the Kriegsmarine against the six-year-old's Royal Navy, and the plucky Vospers wond the day by torpedoing the German merchantman to a watery doom. To their utter credit, both girls played with grace and patience and were as magnanimous in victory as they were graceful in defeat. My heart burst!

The forces and results (for anyone interested) were as follows (and yes, the second two games were indeed played on a sea of stars!):

Game 1 (Rossco): 
2x Armed Merchantmen; 2x S-38; 2x S-100
3x Vospers MTB Type II; 1 Fairmile D
     Result = Kriegsmarine won.

Game 2 (Offspring): 
1 Armed Merchantmen; 1 S-38; 1 S-100
3x Vospers MTB Type II
     Result = Royal Navy won.
Game 3 (Mattenbury): 
2x Armed Merchantmen; 2x S-38; 2x S-100
3x Vospers MTB Type II; 1 Fairmile D
     Result = Royal Navy won.

- Proud Daddy Drax.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

677 - 'Cruel Seas' Mast Storage Conversion

Evening All,

Just another quick update: I've solved the problem of stowing flimsy white metal masts for 'Cruel Seas' vessels, with help from my brand new brace of Fairmile D 'Dog Boats' (from Warlord Games):

As the mast slots snugly into a hole amidships, I've simply carved a recess into the base of the resin hull into which the mast may be placed. A simple length of tape (plastic tape here, but long-term, masking tape is more likely) then keeps the mast in place. 

Happy days.

And what will I do when I've got flags and pennants etc. Added to the mast? - Well, who knows? Maybe I'll just carve space for them too, eh?

Oh, and I also got a wee shout-out on the WS&S blog, here (link).

More ship goodness soon, I expect... 

...but fear not, Gentle Reader: I promise you I'll be back to 28mm again before too long!


- Drax.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

676 - First 'Hail Caesar' Vikings Finished

Evening, All!

Yup: I've finished the first sixteen of my Hail Caesar Vikings:
(Here, their final wash is still drying)
The models were a pain to clean and build (loads of mould lines and awkward arm angles) but joyously straightforward to paint: I just need more of these earthy colours now!

Next up, more Cruel Seas toys...


- Drax.

Monday, 18 March 2019

675 - On the Workbench at the Moment...

A bunch of Hail Caesar Vikings...
 ...some Cruel Seas card holders...

...and a fiddly ol' 1/350 model of HMS Eskimo:

That is all.

- Drax

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

674 - Cruel Seas Fast Boats Showcase

A few pretty pics, seeing as I had the light box out...
These are the ten boats from the starter set, and as Guy needed some at short notice for a demo game, he borrowed mine and we spent a very pleasant evening together painting them! I did the Brits (mais oui!) and Guy painted the S-Boats. 

The Brits:

...The Germans:
Things like pennants have yet to be done (and some of the German guns, I've realised) but otherwise, it was an evening VERY well spent!

 - Drax

Thursday, 28 February 2019

673 - Cruel Seas... at the proper scale, this time!

Yup. Actually played Cruel Seas with the proper vessels in the proper scale. 
It was great fun: it looked fab and the plucky Brits won!
However, I'm knackered, and it's hard to tell a photostory with Cruel Seas, so here are some pics (The Vospers and S-Boats are mine; all others are Guy's):
Big thanks to Guy and David for the game. 

- Drax.