Monday, 24 September 2018

657 - Bolt Action Sikhs Vs Italians

Hullo All,

Just another quick one - my brave Sikh lads got to face off against Guy's Italians again, recently - we each took 1600pts with one tank platoon and one normal platoon each.

It was a real touch-and-go game which went to a draw as we timed out, but the Commonwealth troops were just starting to edge ahead.

No highlights today - just some purty pics:
...and a few from Guy: 
 I love the pic above - it shows the effectiveness of the M3 Lee's camouflage!

- Drax.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

656 - Infamous JT

Hullo, All,
Just a quickie today - if you're after a couple of gorgeous Rubicon kits, some SASM 'moderns' or sundry other fantastic minis (not to mention Jamie Tranter's own - quite superb - Polish Home Army miniatures!) then I urge you to check out this link here as he not only has some great deals, but he's also decided to donate a percentage to a great cause.

Please visit, and support Jamie and the charity if you can!

Many thanks, as ever,

- Drax.

Monday, 20 August 2018

655 - Beyond the Gates of Antares

Hullo All,
Well, it's been a while...not least because I've been abroad - I've spent much of August in the USA, and it's been an absolute blast!

ANYWAY...a few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get back to my Wednesday gaming group and play Guy again - this time (having put together a bunch of Sarissa scenery for him) to play Antares.

Now, I'll admit: I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic of Warlord's Antares universe - some of it's great, but much of it just isn't to my taste. The gameplay, though, was something I was excited about - a bit like Bolt Action but with d10 instead of the much more limited d6.

I didn't take a huge amount of photos, and I can't remember the details, but the basics are that we played 1000 points; I fielded Concord against Algoryn (all the minis were Guy's) and although we inevitably fudged quite a few of the rules, Concord won quite squarely.

There are a LOT of things about this game that I like, so I fully intend to play more of it when I get back to Blighty. Although I don't intend to buy any more toys, Warlord gave me a free mini rulebook, and I intend to devour it, warts and all. You'll be hearing more yet about Antares, I fancy!

For now, though, blogger is really playing up, so here are just some pics.
My Concord lot
The table, with that gorgeous
(if work-in-progress) Sarissa stuff

I have no idea why blogger insists on left-justifying the pic above (of my transport disgorging its troops)

More details about my thoughts on the Antares game will DEFINITELY follow. This is an interesting one. Hmmm...

- Drax

Thursday, 2 August 2018

654 - More Scenery Bits and Bobs

Yup - I've been making more scenery for a friend, so here are a couple of snapshots: 
15mm 4-Ground desert dwellings. They are clever kits and look smashing, but they're fiddly. The one third in was bit very well engineered, sadly.
More 15mm 4-Ground - a beautiful kit with amazing latticework in the windows: three floors plus attic.
 And then there are these bad-boys (Sarissa; Antares): I showed the mine-vent-thingy on the left before; the triangular structure on the right is just the central hub of a new complex I'm building. You'll see it in a future post when it's all done, but last night I actually tried out Antares itself, so I snapped these pics.
Again, another post will follow about the Antares game.

Hope all's well,

- D.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

653 - Bolt Action Brits Vs Germans 2000pts

Hullo All,
I got to have another game recently... albeit a bit of a strange one: after a lot of confusion over who was fighting whom and with what, it ended up being me and the relative newbie 'C' (from recent games) fielding my Heer divided roughly into two platoons. Pleasingly, it was also the first Bolt Action outing for my Panther!
Achtung! Panther!
C and I were pitted against my trusty ol' foe Alex with his beautiful Paras and a complete novice (whose name now escapes me, sadly), who had control of 1000pts of my bog-standard lorried infantry.

Was 2000pts waaaay too optimistic with two players still learning? - of course! 

Did we get through to the end of the game? - of course not! 

Was it still great fun and really pretty? - OF COURSE IT WAS! 

Naturally, I can't remember many of the details now, but there was a brilliantly dramatic clash of big guns and when we had to wrap up at the end of turn 4, the brave Brits were very definitely taking a sound thrashing! 

In lieu of a bat-rep, here at least are the pretty pics with maybe a few captions:
C did a good job with the terrain again...
In some of these pics you'll notice that my lovely Panther is tilted. This is because one of C's opening moves was to drive on his Hanomag, which promptly got obliterated by the Cromwell on its arrival. The big cat rumbled on and just crushed the twisted remains beneath its mighty tracks before exacting its own terrible revenge on the British tank.
...Then this blighter trundled on in support of the Paras. 
The two traded shots for a couple of turns until - brilliantly - 


Other things that were going on included the Paras getting gunned down as they slowly advanced, a squad of 4KSLI getting roasted by a short-lived flamethrower, and various other paltry exchanges... 

My lovely Staghound did not last long against my Panzer IV!
(Another new unit for me to field.)
...So there you go. 

Incomplete maybe, but a cracking game nonetheless!


- Drax.