Saturday, 19 July 2008

027 "She's Leaving Home; bye-bye..."


...and Goodbye - for tomorrow morning I leave Norwich (UK) for the South-West, so no progress blogs for probably two weeks. Damnit! Here's the area I'm heading for - it's really lovely down there: I had a lovely send-off from my colleagues, and the kids were simply smashing! I'm a very lucky man, y'know, to have so rewarding a job - very lucky indeed.

Now if only it left me more time for painting...

Ahh, well...Devon, here I come!

- Drax.


  1. Arr, thanks for the comments. Hope the move goes well!

  2. Ah Devon, land of ... rain!

    Where abouts are you heading too? Presumeably south coast looking at the pic?

  3. Looks very picturesque. Hurry and get settled in you new place. You'll be missed here while you are gone.

  4. Thanks muchly, everyone!

    Currently cleaning up empty old house for hand-over and getting affairs in order at school: move went as smoothly as it could but we're knackered now.

    Hopefully I'll have t'internet there in about two weeks, but my goodness, it's a pleasant little cottage!

    @ Gravis: Yes, but it's warm rain at least, and it'll sure as hell beat the boredom of Norfolk! And you're quite right: it's the Kingsbridge area; roughly halfway between Dartmouth and Plymouth.

    Right. Bed time. Crumbs, I feel like I'm jet-lagged I've been so sleep-starved!

    - Drax

  5. Have a good time!

    I just saw your comment about the Salamander conversion. I'll work on getting a picture of it. I don't even have a color scheme for it yet, though....


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