Sunday 15 May 2011

263 "Back In!"

Hi, All - just a brief one. If you know COTBT, please point him in this direction...

Blogger deleted my last post and its comments(!) before mysteriously reinstating it. Without comments. Now, as I had in fact been about to post a reply to COTBT's question, I lost the chance. Therefore, please find my answer below, complete with an appropriate pic for us all to revel in - the majesty and testosterone of Squadron Commander the Lord Flashheart!

Here's the answer:

Hey, Cobber!

For some bizarre reason, ‘blogger’ has deleted my last post without a trace, but you asked me a question; namely, what did I mean by:

"Real Life (TM) is currently giving me six-of-the-best, trousers-down."

Real Life (trademarked) is that annoying thing that gets in the way of all good bloggers from time-to-time; and the latter part (taken from 90s British sitcom Blackadder) is to take a well-administered spanking, private school-style.

Normal service will resume shortly. Thanks for your patience.

- Drax.


  1. Hey Drax, good to hear you'll be back soon. Just to let you know, Blogger had some issues that apparently could only be solved by removing all the posts and comments for a 30 hour period. They've promised to reinstate all posts and comments. So far my post from Wednesday has been put back, but not the comments yet.


    PS. love the Blackadder reference!

  2. haha you card you.

    thanks for this post!

    catchpa: blitshil

  3. I do love me some Blackadder. Rowan Atkinson is a hoot.

  4. WOOOOF !

    Here's hoping that wierd German from the last episode doesn't turn up.

  5. Good to se you back in action. Cheers for the Stylish award mate, there been an influx of traffic over my site since then so you must be doing something right to be attracting so much attention.

    RL(tm) is definately a cruel force, even wave after wave of our own plastic men can't bend it to our will


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