Saturday, 17 September 2011

285 Penal Legion Squad 2

Hullo! I hope you're well, and cheers for swinging by.

Being a huge fan of penal legionnaires, I decided on a whim to make another squad of 'em. Here they are:

Their shoulder pads are shiny because I varnished them to keep the wretched transfers on; one day I hope to be able to afford some matte varnish.

That is all.

- Drax.


  1. They came out really great Drax!! I really like the code on the shoulders and the orange goes really well with the dark bases! + They are penal legion, whats not to like about this post!

  2. try using badab black over the top of the varnish. it takes the shine off and adds some shade to the transfers, making them less tighty whitey.

  3. Thanks, Chaps.

    And cheers for the tip there, Atreides! I don't have any at present but it seems a great idea: I shall try it out forthwith.

    - D.

  4. I like the "barcode" touch too - it seems very much like something the Imperium would do. Though I don't know why they'd bother issuing convicts with helmets... :)

  5. Thanks, Jennifer!

    Oh, and the reason why the Imperium issues convicts with helmets is that...well, the Imperium doesn't much like painting heads!


  6. Thanks, Atreides: worked a treat!

  7. Love the colour scheme! I often play a Penal Legion in Dawn of War with a very similar look :P great work!


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