Wednesday, 21 March 2012

304 Flames of War 3rd Edition

...Mine arrived this week, as I finally got the scrape together for it. It's made me a happy bunny.

- Drax.


  1. I have some Brits I bought several years ago that need a home. Maybe one day they'll fine one.

  2. V3 is good stuff Drax.

    well built system, and rules that make sense, with diagrams that make sure you get the idea.

    I'm really liking it, and really looking forward to Blood, Guts, and Glory. (this summer)

  3. It's really nice to play a game system where what's competitive doesn't limit your choice of faction or list style. Everything is useful somehow.

  4. Geek!

    How good to hear (read) your voice (words)! Hope you're well, mate; and yeah - break 'em out, cos it's a great system, and everyone loves those poor old Tommies!

    Farmpunk & Sandwyrm - Thanks. I've been enjoying the recent FoW-delving on The Back 40K: cheers for such interesting posts.


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