Tuesday, 10 April 2012

309 The Giant's Lair - FLGS - Part II

Hullo, Readers.

For those of you who missed Part I, do please pop over now and take a shufti at it. This - rather self-evidently - is the second part, in which I share a few pics of the upstairs of The Giant's Lair.

The upstairs is where the magic seems to happen. Although it's the same size as downstairs it's currently not used for gaming (as far as I know) so much as for designing, creating, painting and storing some of the store's amazing scenery and tables.

There is actually one more room too - the second half of the ground floor; that part not shown in Part I. This contains the 'store' bits, the kitchen and serving area (the home-made burgers are amazing, especially as Mrs. Drax is a veggie), a donated comfy seating area, painting tables, gaming magazines and...yup...yet more tables for gaming.

Please enjoy the pics (and thanks for the comments on Part I - I'll be passing some on to the Management!):

Check out the work that's gone into this:

This fortified outpost was donated to the club by a member:

Another space-y table: ...the evidence of a lot of hard work!
There's simply piles of the stuff:


For showpiece games at conventions:

- Drax.


  1. Oh, that's even better than before: a huge area wholly dedicated to terrain! And veggie burgers, too - top notch stuff, Admiral!

  2. Sorry for the confusion: the food is indeed great, but it is entirely meat. I'm more-or-less veggie at home, but it's nice to get a proper, lovingly-made burger at the club from time to time...

    1. Aw, shucks! I was imagining the one wargaming place in all creation with veggie food to hand. Ah, back to my dreams. ;-)

  3. Admiral,
    I never had any idea Plymouth had such a great venue, I'll have to arrange a meet up when next back in port (Navy lad, at sea!)
    Thanks for sharing.
    Siph @ Weemen.blogspot.com

  4. Even more coolness, and a club with a dedicated terrain building room like that just blows the mind.

  5. Wow, this place looks great!

    I have an excellent FLGS nearby, but I may have to head down further south to see this place for myself! (not to mention some of that rattler cider!)

    Maybe when I've made some progress on my guard, unless you fancy facing off against the nids :D

    Cheers for sharing mate

  6. Cheers chaps.

    And Siph, just give us a shout beforehand, eh?

  7. TSINI, it'd be a pleasure to see you again, and my Guard will merrily be slaughtered by anyone who cares to do so! I can see that fort coming in handy against Nids though...


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