Friday, 30 November 2012

341 Re-Sculpting a Legend

Here's a post for my more established readers; many of whom will be familiar with my Regimental Mascot: 'After the War'. Here he is in his original guise (made and painted by Mrs. Drax, years ago):
...and here he is in his current incarnation.
THIS post is about his W-i-P successor:
He's being made - with love - to accompany my new Standard Bearer who'll be part of the regimental liaison team I'm putting together for Zzzzzz over at Devos IV.
So far I've just blocked him out; that very distinctive corgi shape (much like a lopsided Ottoman stool with ears) is made from Fimo modelling clay, simply because I had some lying around and because it always reminds me of my ol' mum.
He's based on our ANCIENT AND VENERABLE pet corgi, Cadfael, who turned sixteen last month and who grew up in Chicago before moving to the UK. He rocks, but he's pretty slow and increasingly lumpy these days. Here he is when in his prime:
Here he is last week at the beach (that is sand, honest!):
And here he is tonight, as he looked on distainfully at my attempts at photography. You can see in this pic his main lump on his chest:
Poor old thing.

Love that dog; love him.

Thanks, All.

Take care,

- Drax.


  1. My granfather had corgis. Nothing but love for a breed of dog trained to herd cows. I still need to find a suitable sized Westie! My wife does sugar craft! Maybe I can bribe her with some new curtains.

  2. Now look what you've done Drax, I've gone and got all misty eyed (I swear the Bump laden wife's hormones have gone airborne)what a lovely dog, they truly are the most loyal of friends.

    And a great idea to have a Reg Mascot, though do you find you are overprotective of the miniature on the battlefield or does he have a Void Shield collar?

    I may have to track down a Grynx to represent our cat, though on second thoughts he would probably just wander off, curl up inside a warm Land Raider and occasionally spray on something important like a Machine Spirit!

  3. I had a corgi as a pet when a kid in Newquay.

  4. It got a little dusty in here all the sudden...

    Good stuff Drax, looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Give Cadfael a couple extra pats for me!

  5. Cadfeal has the physique and attitude of Johnny Bravo.

  6. If he is ANCIENT and VENERABLE, clearly he needs a statline equivalent to a Venerable Dreadnought.

  7. Wonderful to see Cadfael will be immortalised once again. I hope you do him justice. Make sure you look after "The Old One", if ever a pooch deserves it, it is him.

  8. He reminds me of my Grandparents Corgi's (both named Ianto respectively.) from when I was a child. Very cute and very awesome.
    Do him proud Drax, do him proud.

  9. Thank you, everyone: I'm touched by your kindnesses, and gave Dog an extra scritch on your behalf.

    I particularly enjoy the prospect of a cat in a landraider too!

    As for his statline or injuries on the Field of Glory? Well - suffice to say even when his officer's been wounded or taken out of the battle, After the War has never yet been so much as scratched!

    [And that's the way he'll stay...]

  10. What a fantastic tribute, Admiral Drax. A perfect and wonderful blog post. Thank you for sharing. He looks a wonderful dog!


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