Wednesday, 19 December 2012

344 'Real Life' Fluff...and Why I Love Colonel Ackland

Here's why:

That's what you get from a top class blogger like Col. Ackland when - quite unbidden - he decides to send you a freebie classic mini...from Australia...just to help you out.


- Drax.


  1. Superb stuff, just my cup of tea!

    1. And if you ever want some medical fluff/docs, don't hesitate to ask

  2. That is a cracking bit of fluff - well done Col. Ackland - and lovely to see the comradery of the blogverse once more - particulalry at this time of year.

  3. Well I couldn't send off one of the men without the papers! (even if he is only half a man)

    Back in August the good Admiral posted about one of the old 2nd edition sentinels. He lamented that it had a Cadian pilot not a Praetorian one. I had a spare, so the little Praetorian took a journey across the warp to the UK. Considering that all of my Praetorians came from the UK its nice to know that one man made it home again.
    I almost forgot about that page that I made up though! Funny story; I was mucking around with it on my computer when I realised that the post office was going to closed in 5 minutes. That afternoon I found that I live 4min 45sec from the post office. :)

    Anyway, thanks for the love note Drax. Merry Christmas all ;)

  4. How awesome! Great work Col. Ackland.

  5. Across the blogosphere, fousands of little plastic (and metal) men draw themselves up to attention and slaute Col Ackland.

  6. I love it. That is some brilliant fluff!

  7. Awesome fluff, and awesome person, Col. Ackland!


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