Saturday 2 March 2013

351 Sherman Patrol II - NEW! - IMPROVED!

Hullo, All.

...I was so disappointed with the scaling of my decals the last time I posted these that - as they'd frosted and as Cameron over at the unutterably superb 'Rust and the City' was kind enough to give me the name of his supplier - I bought some new decals, from DOM'S DECALS and re-finished the two platoons. I was HUGELY impressed by the quality (and quantity) of Dom's Decals, and Dom is a very helpful chap.
All the blurb for them was in my last post with this name, but in a nutshell, they are from 3 RTR (Royal Tank Regt) and operate in support of my 11th Armoured Division infantry company. In this case, the models are decidedly better now, but the photos are decidedly worse than before. Yes that is an unironed pillowcase in the garden:
No.1 Daughter was helping Daddy with his toys. Brilliantly, about a year ago, she asked, "Daddy, am I allowed to play with your toys?" - I said no, not usually, and gave an explanation...and since then she's never touched them without asking first. Good daughter.
So there you go. Drax is a LOT happier with his tanks now.

It's just a shame that on those painfully rare occasions he finds to actually attempt some FOW painting his blasted 25pdrs are proving so damned fiddly to do...!

Thanks, All,

- D.


  1. They look really good. The yellow really pops nicely. Those PSC tanks are very nice. I've just assembled a platoon of them. One thing I have found is that the decals are a little bright so I usually do a light glaze of a brown wash over top of the decal itself to tone it down a bit. Glad the decals worked out so well for you.

    PS-I've added your blog to my blog roll. I want to follow along on your 11th AD progress.

  2. Thanks, Mate.

    I have dulled them in exactly that way (trust me: they are dulled - honest!) but maybe it could've had more!

    Using 'autocorrect' in MS Picture Management doesn't really help with the contrast either...but the wintry sun was so weak when I took these (at midday!) today that I didn't have much choice!

  3. Unironed pillowcase or not, the models themselves look fantastic, Drax!

  4. They are really impressive. I totally understand the attraction to FOW after seeing cool formations like this. Keep it up Drax.

  5. Very, very nice Admiral. They look utterly photographic, echoing Ackland's point about almost being tempted into FoW myself seeing things like that...

  6. Very nice! Quite keen on the pillowcase, too! :D

  7. Really nice sir - I will have to spend out on some of those decals for my own Armoured Brits after seeing this.

  8. Thanks, Chaps!

    >Ackland: Painted FoW stuff really does look nice en masse.

    >Dai: You could do a whole lot worse! They absolutely put the newly released Battlefront generic British LW decals to shame.


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