Wednesday, 4 September 2013

380 ...Really, Games Workshop? Really?

I mean: come on!

THIS is what Space Marines have come to in 2013?

Does no-one there even care any more?

To my knowledge I've never yet sworn on this blog. Today I come close.

Je perds mes mots.



  1. I have to agree. These are abominations in my eyes and I will never spend my money on them. NEVER.

  2. RuntMcRory, never say never! :) I don't think they're so bad, although the prices are another story... My issue: I thought Terminator armour was the be-all and end-all of armour in this game, and here we have another evolution of armour... which is armour inside armour! This reminds me of those Babushka dolls, what's next a Vindicator popping out of a Stormraven? A Warhound Titan inside a Reaver Titan? LoLz :P

  3. I don't like the combat ones: they don't look like they could even punch something. The devestator ones could look good with some converting though: change some of the leg poses and make the arms look as if they're aiming. The price, and whether they fit it into the fluff well is what is stopping me.

  4. Also, the other kits are, without a doubt, outstanding! The stern guard are gorgeous, the vanguard are lethal (with four each of pairs of claws and TH SS) and the tactical squad are a great successor to the previous kit!

  5. I don't know thier rules, but I plan to make getting them off the board my secret mission goal whenever I play against them.

  6. I bet the rules will make people want to buy the nipple missile marines.
    I won't be.
    I see a blue sow looking for her piglets when I see pics of those things.

  7. Short answer? No, no they don't care. Either that or their art director is a complete moron.

    If the rules make them halfway usable, I may up-armor a terminator or something somehow, but, yeah, no, ick.

  8. Okay then - NEW THINGS I LOVE include the following:

    "nipple missiles" (works better in an American accent though, I'll wager)


    lactating blue sow marines


    Spyrl's secret mission goals.

    Thanks for allowing me to mix giggles with the despair, chaps!

    I do agree however (cost notwithstanding) that the new sternguard really are potentially great models.


    - D.

  9. These models are a shame - there's a pretty neat black and white art page in the codex that makes the armor look pretty darn neat, but it just didn't translate to plastic very well. It does appear that there are some rather neat bits to be had out of the kit though, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the converting community can do once they get their claws into 'em!

    The rest of the new SM range is pretty slick - I especially dig the Sternguard and Hunter/Stalker kits!

  10. Putting everything aside about the look of the new models, good and bad, I really am taken aback by the prices. I know there's always an upward price trend with GW, but I feel there's been some new level reached. And this new level isn't sustainable for me - I simply can't afford to, say, pay $30 for a single captain with no spare bits.

    I'm really startled by the prices. Makes me feel like I can't buy GW anymore!

    1. $30 you say. By coincidental juxtaposition, the first minis I bought were 30p each.

      Oh how we grumbled when the price soared to 50p. At least they'll never £1 each, we said. "That would be ridiculous."

  11. They look like something my 8-year-old would design. Comical at best. Pathetically marshmallow-like at worst.

    Sternguard are the best of the new stuff though and that Librarian is my fav of the bunch. Just a shame I'll never buy one seeing as they are ripping us off with a $30 price tag for him. Ick.

  12. The only way I can make sense of this unit is that they just needed a new unit and could not think of anything. They are just weak but GW design does seem to get that about half the time.

  13. Because vanilla marines need obliterators too! Yes I hate these alot. One of them is actually posed tripping over for goodness sakes! Did anyone see that 'Inside GW' cartoon with a 'space marine inside a space marine'? Its like they knew...

    I'm also confused why the new plastic characters are double the price of resin characters, apart from the chaplain who is essentially free because of what you randomly have to buy him with :S (although its a shame they didnt update the command squad you get with him with new legs that suck less).

  14. The Centurions obviously fall into a category between Terminators and Dreadnoughts but, Terminators use (TDA) Tactical Dreadnought Armour however Centurions armour seems to go beyond Terminator armour. I am interested to see the rules for these models as I have a feeling that they are going to be very specific/specialised in their use/deployment. I have a feeling we will see them in a skirmish type environment, something like 40k in 40 minutes or Combat Patrol but in a closed, closed quarter environment, perhaps like a Space Hulk!?

  15. That's why I'm going back to Rogue Trader... screw all this!


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