Tuesday 17 November 2015

533 - 6MMRPC 15 - Progress!


Despite my stupid, stupid workload and the fact that we've had absolutely no internet access for a week, I've not only managed to paint more of those okses (almost there!), I've also been planning for a friendly Bolt Action tournament in February. With luck, I'll actually get to play a game this week!

Yes, watch this space: I think good ol' Colonel Gravis will be kind enough to host me for a game on Friday, and (although it's not all finished yet) this is the force I intend to take. It's been a while, but yup - here is a brand new Draxian Painting Chart (TM):
[above] Painting Chart, and [below] who's there.

Note that I'm going for a pretty damned fluffy list: a full platoon with a very typical support element. I like fluffy, characterful lists: that way, if I don't win, I don't mind - I'm just telling a story!
And with that,

I'm off.

Take care, All, and thanks for swinging by!

- Drax.


  1. I dunno - I think that's a pretty well rounded list if you ask me, 12 orderdice on mostly veterans. Lacking a little in indirect fire (Can't trust Artillery observers, regardless of how nasty their bombardments look on paper.), but otherwise you have enough of everything to put on a good show I think.

    Good to see you are still finding time to paint mate.

  2. I suspect it'd be without a hope were it not for the AEC III, but either way, it's pretty authentic.

    It should be a good all-rounder list, but yes, I'll miss some proper indirect fire. I couldn't - in good conscience - field a 'proper' rifle platoon without a 2" mortar, but I do know that many players like them. I couldn't do the sneaky thing, either, and have the 2" as 'inexperienced' - too cheesy for me.

    The tourney limitations include maximum 12 dice and [when I put together this list] a minimum requirement of 50% (by points) of units had to be 'regular' - this has since changed to 25%, so I will now have to look forward to hordes of assault-rifle-wielding German veterans. Sigh.

    Cheers, matey!

  3. A game for the campaign? Turn 2b should be out on Thursday. You can do equal points values and use it for the sector of your choice based on the forces.


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