Thursday, 15 September 2016

572 - Being Caunter-Productive

Sorry -

After following Dai's example in post 571, I just couldn't resist the pun!

Here's the result of the last two evenings' careful planning and painting (obviously still a messy W-i-P):

Paints are Skeleton Bone (my new go-to base), Russian Uniform, and GW's Fortress Grey (I think. If I'm wrong, I shall correct this).
Many of you know that colour really is not a strength of mine, so I was delighted that these work so well together: even to the point of the grey looking quite blue-y in the pictures!

Now I just need to tidy the wretched thing up.
And finish the Humber.
And add details to both.
And finish the last of my infantry support teams.
And mount, base, prime, basecoat, paint and finish my 25pdr.
All in a few short weeks.


- Drax.


  1. I've just realised that the main barrel needs to be grey.


  2. I knew we could Caunt on you.

  3. Cauntless opportunities for puns here.

    Love the work thus far - even more blue could be in order, though there is a lot of conversation on forums as to exactly what an "official" Caunter scheme should be made up of as there's not much colour photo evidence or something.

    Please cauntinue the good work!.

    1. Let's just call it a Cauntrolled experiment, eh?

      So far, I like that it looks grey in the flesh and bluey in photos - it seems to answer to both camps!

      Thanks, fella!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, mate!

      Y'know, I wouldn't even be thinking of trying my hand at things like this if it weren't for the inspiration I've found in the work of folks like you...

  5. Caunt me in.

    Seriously, some excellent freehand work there.

    1. Y'know, I hadn't thought of it as 'freehand' but ai suppose it is. Thanks, Col!


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