Saturday, 12 November 2016

579 - Bolt Action Tourney Aftermath: Part 3 - Forces

Situation: Friendly Forces.

Bearing in mind that this is a 1st Edition list for a 1st Edition tournament, here are the brave Sikh boys who did me so proud in the tournament (courtesy of the excellent Gregg over at
Also, it's worth noting that this list is 850pts, as easyarmy doesn't quite accommodate the Indian list's free 100pt 10-man regular squad. 

...and here they are again, arrayed with my mate Mattenbury's complementary Desert Rats:
(A key to it all)

It really was a stonkingly good tournament, and a cracking evening/day/lunch/curry/drinks too! Just brilliant.

Oh, and this is what my Polders 'Windmill' board looked like on the day, in its alternative 4x4 configuration: 
[Snail damage was adjusted to become war damage]
'Til next time, then,


- D.


  1. Sterling work mate. You finished these in very un-Draxian swift fashion, which is dead impressive. What's next for the collection? Or will there be a new army to start on altogether? (You seem to have no Axis/bad-guys... just saying.)

    Who would have thought snails could be so destructive - if only the Germans had thought to use them, the allies would have had no chance!

  2. Molluscs - 'ard asnails.

    I need to shell out on some new puns....


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