Saturday 10 December 2016

582 - More Germans are Coming. Verdammt!


I did say there were more Germans, didn't I?

Here they are (with only a couple of teeny-tiny tanks to come - I promise) - and all labelled up for your convenience:

Without going into the detailed whys and wherefores of everything, I managed to secure the following - very cheaply - in order to put together those models above:

  • The Germans from two of the new 'Band of Brothers' starter sets (24 men; 2 halftracks)
  • Twenty already-based Heer infantry (20)
  • The 'Blitzkrieg' German infantry set (30 men)
  • One 'Blitzkrieg' and one Heer medium mortar (2 mortars)
  • One Panzer IV H (you've got to have a tank, right?)
Medium Mortar and MMG teams. There's a thin, rigid plastic
disc stuck beneath the holes, but it's see-through!
At first, I felt a bit frustrated at the slightly odd mix, but this was mollified as I really quite fancied taking some Luftwaffe Field Division as inexperienced troops for a change, and they often still wore jackboots and some more obsolete uniform...but then I got the new army book and bafflingly - inexplicably - the Luftwaffe squads are not allowed to take LMGs! Yup: despite the info-box covering the variety of different LMGs the Luftwaffe troops were issued, they cannot take LMGs. Go figure.
The Medic (behind the officer, bottom-left) has a converted med bag.
Sooooo, instead I made the call that my jackbooted troops would play the dual role of either second-line garrison troops in Normandy, suddenly deployed to help plug a gap or - if needed - a smattering of early war troops for early war scraps. There are still disadvantages to this, mind: namely that (a) they have early-war-style gascloaks in a prominent chest pouch - rather anachronistic after '41, and (b) the only 'inexperienced'-rated troops in the Normandy selectors are...wait for it...Luftwaffe Field Division...who can't technically take their LMGs. 


All of this means that I now have a sprawling German force, totalling about 2000pts (and a little more yet to come) which can be deployed either as one single, rag-tag German force comprising three platoons, or separately as early-, mid- or late-war!

As for the models themselves and their basing? Well, I shall talk about those, I post.

Right now though, I'm a-noddin' off at my keyboard, so

Goodnight for now...

- Drax.


  1. Really like the idea of doing second-line troops - very much forgotten in all the 'glamour' of the more well-known units. These look like they're going to be excellent.

    1. Thanks, Scipio!

      I don't yet know quite how 'glamorous' they're likely to be(!) but I'm looking forward to it.

      It will be a sloooooooooow process, methinks!

  2. Inexperienced German troops are fun flavour-wise.

    And a lack of STG-44 Assault Rifles makes me like your force all the more for even more lack of cheesiness.

    Quite the horde mate. Looking forward to seeing them painted up.

    1. Cheers!

      Yeah, their inexperience should also provide a nice balance to the potential power of German officers, too.

      As assault rifles, a couple of the officers and NCOs have them and that's it. I must admit that 2nd Edition improvements to ARs made this a much easier decision to make...

      ...but yeah: I do try to avoid cheese!

  3. Oh yes, thanks, Jakub!

    I've been trying to read up on a lot of this stuff...which is weird for me, because the British stuff I just kind of 'know' through immersion and cultural osmosis, but a lot of the German stuff I've ONLY come across through comics/films as a kid or through wargaming in the last couple of years!

    Cheers, matey.

  4. Nice looking reinforcements sir!

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