Monday, 20 August 2018

655 - Beyond the Gates of Antares

Hullo All,
Well, it's been a while...not least because I've been abroad - I've spent much of August in the USA, and it's been an absolute blast!

ANYWAY...a few weeks ago, I finally got the chance to get back to my Wednesday gaming group and play Guy again - this time (having put together a bunch of Sarissa scenery for him) to play Antares.

Now, I'll admit: I'm not a big fan of the aesthetic of Warlord's Antares universe - some of it's great, but much of it just isn't to my taste. The gameplay, though, was something I was excited about - a bit like Bolt Action but with d10 instead of the much more limited d6.

I didn't take a huge amount of photos, and I can't remember the details, but the basics are that we played 1000 points; I fielded Concord against Algoryn (all the minis were Guy's) and although we inevitably fudged quite a few of the rules, Concord won quite squarely.

There are a LOT of things about this game that I like, so I fully intend to play more of it when I get back to Blighty. Although I don't intend to buy any more toys, Warlord gave me a free mini rulebook, and I intend to devour it, warts and all. You'll be hearing more yet about Antares, I fancy!

For now, though, blogger is really playing up, so here are just some pics.
My Concord lot
The table, with that gorgeous
(if work-in-progress) Sarissa stuff

I have no idea why blogger insists on left-justifying the pic above (of my transport disgorging its troops)

More details about my thoughts on the Antares game will DEFINITELY follow. This is an interesting one. Hmmm...

- Drax


  1. I'm with ya on the aesthetic of Antares, most of it is awful. I suppose that that's alright however as it effectively limits me to just one army: the Ghar. As such, due to Warlord's summer sale, my little rebel force more than doubled in size for a fraction of the regular MSRP cost!

    1. Yeah.

      Annoyingly, my erstwhile opponent just pointed out the sale on Concord sprues - damn him!

      So, for six quid, I now have 30 Concord infantry inbound. Just in case, I guess...!

  2. Replies
    1. I do!

      No - I need to read the rules before climbing aboard my soapbox.

      I must say, Concord as a faction seems to embody the most attractive attributes of both humans and Tau...

  3. I got one of those C3 sprues as well for my Sci-fi rpg gaming.

    With you on the aesthetics letting the game down. Just hasn't ignited my imagination so I've stayed away. Which my wallet is quite thankful for.

    That terrain looks flippin fab though mate. Going to be impressive once you've finished it all up.

    1. With you 100%. I'm just building and base-coating the scenery, but yeah: it'll look ace!

  4. Atmospheric and beautiful table!

    1. Thanks, Phil - I'm excited to see what it'll look like when it's all finished!


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