Wednesday, 10 September 2008

041 Painting Chart

Following the lead of (or 'copying') the masterful dvdhwk over at Running from the Law, and following his guidance (thanks!) i've knocked up a chart of my infantry painting progress. It's fairly depressing to look at; not least when you realise that 1 Platoon alone comprises 40 models and I'm a really slow painter!

Here it is; the key's below (I forgot to include it). Green is finished; yellow is W-i-P. All are undercoated and the extra bits bottom right I have, but I haven't organised:

SO - Snr Officer; JO - Jr Officer; Cr - Commissar; V - vox (incl. mastervox for Coy HQs); Psy - Sanctioned Psyker; Md - medic; St - standard; Sgt - sergeant; Gr - grenade launcher; Me - meltagun; Pl - plasma gun; Fl - flamer; ML - missile launcher; LC - lascannon; AC - autocannon; HB - heavy bolter; Mor - mortar; SN - sniper. 14/09/08 - Oh: I just realised I forgot to include my 50-odd stormtroopers of three different generations! D'oh!

NB: D Coy's HQ is in a different shade, because although they're finished, I didn't finish them! I got them as a freebie with an eBay order and they're really well painted!

- Drax


  1. Way to get organized! Perhaps one day I'll be this organized, but probably not!

  2. Wow, my entire army makes up just over half of ONE platoon on your chart.

    You have much work to do my friend.

  3. Looking good!

    Yeah it, is daunting to look at all the work you have to do. But stay strong. I found its kind of rewarding to fill in the chart as I went along.

    Can't wait to see the continued progress!

  4. Now that is the organisation only the Imperial Guard training can offer.

    That is definately a lot of work to do mate!

    I just finished 2500 points of my army, and now I'm going in to hibernation for 600 years...

    I look forward to seeing the finished army. 600 years is enough time right? :p

  5. Guys,

    Thanks for the encouragement, as aye!

    I hoped with Kate back in Chicago til the end of the month that I'd be able to get shed loads of painting done. Apparently not. Apparently the demands of job, dog and domesticity don't allow much in the way of (what I like to call) Quality Drax Time!

    Travelling to Birmingham for Games Day can't have helped, either!

    Hope all's well for all of you - I'll be back painting soon no doubt...

    - Drax.


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