Thursday, 18 September 2008

043 Games Day UK II - Photos


Okay, seeing as a few of you asked: here are some piccies from GDUK 2008. Sadly, 'coz I don't pay attention, I'm afraid I haven't a clue what or whose some of these things are, but here you go (no particular order, and you can enlarge them all, I hope):

A rather cool Warlord Titan. Look at the figures there too - it had glowing eyes though, which made me wonder if the crew were having a disco...:
Another Warlord:
A great FW sketchbook - this excited me:FW goodness;
Siege of Vrax:

The extremely well converted ex-432 - now a Blood Ravens rhino. And no - you couldn't get inside. Mind you, neither could 10 eight-foot uber-men in power armour... The little girl gives a great sense of scale:

Some marine models:

And finally, my two pasty mates, confused:

Also, look out for my next post, detailing some of the awesome models from The Ammo Bunker that we saw right at the end!

- Drax


  1. aaaaaw, the Vraks table looks WAY cool. I'm envious that I couldn't go. Great pics, mate. :)

  2. You do realize those titans you called Warhounds are actually supposed to be Warlords, right? Still, I'm not here to pick nits, I mainly wanted say that I can't believe those Vraks table trenches are full of Death Korp troops! That's insane... Thanks for the pictures, it really makes me wish I'd been there. By the way, did you happen to get a good look at the new modular gaming board? If so, what did you think?

  3. I did know they were warlords - thanks - I forgot!

    I'll change it directly. Then your nitpicking will look ill-informed. Ha!

    I may have seen the modular board through the unwashed hordes of overweight 12 year-olds, but if I did, I didn't realise it. Sorry.

    In the third installment, I'll discuss my opinions of Games Day too. And if you're good I'll even include some of the weird and wonderful (read "woefully sad") costumery.

    FLASH! Ahh-ahhh.

    (Guess who's listening to Queen whilst his wife's on another continent!)

    - Drax

  4. You can see my pics here. I was mostly there for Warhammer Online, so apologies for things marked as 'thingies' ;p

    Anyway, might be something you like here:

  5. Thanks Devilin!

    And thanks Arbitrary, too - interesting pics: keep an eye on my next post though mate - I may have a question for you about something we both snapped...

    - Drax

  6. Those pictures are excellent! I wish I could have been across the pond for that.

  7. Oh My... It is a amazing how huge those Warlord Titans are...Is that the size of the one that my dear Brian is building??? (gasp that thing is gonna be huge if so... Oh my)
    Great pics! I am glad you enjoyed!

  8. My further thoughts on Games Day will be posted at some point soon. It was certainly an entertaining day...!

    And Inner Geek Lover: don't worry -I have it on good authority that Brian's is definitely smaller.

    - D

  9. That picture of the trench filled with DKoK made me cry a little, i'm not ashamed to admit it.


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