Monday, 15 February 2010

188 3 Pl 3 Sect: Last of the Basic Infantry!

Hi folks,

I've not forgotten my baneblade from last post, but here at last is the final section of my basic infantry: 3 Platoon, 3 Section. The pics aren't much cop, but it's a grey day, and they turned out better than the ones with the flash.

First though, here's my painting chart as of yesterday:
Here they are - I did an extra grenade launcher, too:
Here are the hand-painted (albeit a little slap-dash, as I had one eye on the Baby) shoulder pads:
And here are the ID flashes on the backs of the bases - simply essential when you're fielding 120 identical riflemen:
Yes, one of them does have blue-grey trews - it's one of my homages to an earlier paint scheme (he was in a dreadfully painted ebay job-lot). Obviously their CQMS is as tight as all storemen are!

So there you have it - I've finally finished all of my basic rifle sections. Now I just have to finish off my mortars and a few more special weapons and I'm mostly done!


- Drax.
PS: big it up to Fallen 73rd and his Space Wolves. They're fun to spar with!


  1. Great work Drax, you have a right to be very proud! Getting that many infantry done is quite the achievement. I'm already looking forward to a complete army shot :)

  2. I'm quite jealous. Maybe I'll put my guard in the post and you can start on them next!

  3. I'm now imagining (remembering) the misery of the man with incorrect uniform being constantly sent to the stores only to be rebuffed and then pilloried again on the next parade.

    Doubtless the commissars will have their beady eyes on 3 platoon. It's bound to be full of non-conformists.

  4. Fantastic work Drax! You're in the home stretch - I have to thank you again for the idea of doing a painting chart. It's definitely helped me get a feel for what remains to be done with my own forces and really helps keep things organized. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks, All!

    @ sovietspace: it'll come soon - probably for post number 200, as I did just that for post 100.

    @ Geek: No bloody chance!

    @ Zzzzzz: That's definitely the bitter voice of experience there!

    Also, your comment about non-conformists made me laugh aloud (I can't ever bring myself to 'lol' I'm afraid).

    @ Mordian7th: Thank you, yes I am, and you are most welcome!

  6. Nice work sir- the army is shaping up well.

  7. Excellent mate, quartermasters never change.

    I'm in the same boat as you at the moment. I've got one more colour to do on 9 guys to finish 2nd platoon.

    Can't wait to see the Baneblade.

  8. the baneblade is an obvious one we're all looking forward too. But may I voice my request to see the commissar et al in the Advisors section that are 'in progress'???
    ('laughing aloud' at your 'laughing aloud' comment!)


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