Sunday, 21 February 2010

190 New Basing Idea: Mortars W-i-P

Well, the title says it all (albeit briefly).


Frustrated with the problem of trying to make these blasted 60mm bases less sparse and boring (and not wanting to simply do what I did before, see here), I thought I'd try to alter the dynamic of the base by going down into it. This has created a curb with a road and the idea that the troops are on the outside of the building, rather than within its footprint. Saw the camera and thought I'd share:They're not everly sophisticated, and yes, I know there are mould lines (I'm starting to care less) but the un-primered one gives a nice idea of the constituent parts. I've textured the floors on the buildings' interiors too, but it doesn't show in these pics.Here, for reference, is my completed mortar squad: These were a real pain to paint, hence caring less about this new squad!Just thought some of you might find this interesting...

- Drax.


  1. Like those alot!.. ive just been re watching Band of Brothers and they remind me of that.

    im not all that adventurous with basing, something i need to work on more and when i do give it a shot i just start and see where i end up really, these look like you gave them some solid though and had a set idea before you started?

    as usual , good work mate.


  2. Really liking those bases Drax! The idea of digging down into the base is rather cool, and the roadway/sidewalks look great! I'll have to give that a shot sometime. Inspirational as always my friend, keep up the great work!

  3. I think they look great. And as they are different from the other mortar squad, that makes the two squads individual enough to distinguish on the battlefield, and yet they still have the same urban feel to them.

  4. They look great as always Drax.

  5. Thanks, All!

    Vinci76: I thought for quite a while about this, though I couldn't be sure until I'd made and primered the first one.

    Funnily enough, I thought about Band of Brothers too. I figured mortar teams are always bound to grab whatever cover they could, and at least the 6" curb gives them somthing!

  6. Really great work, as usual! You're really pumping out these models of late, it's pretty impressive.

    Damn, now I want to watch the whole of Band of Brothers again. (Incidentally, they've made a Pacific version which is due out soon.)

    P.S. - Balls to mould lines! I'm going through a phase of cleaning mine off, but I really don't see the point unless you're entering Golden Demon or any other painting competition. No-one notices from 2 feet away :P

  7. drax you are so far ahead of me on all this, i still have three mortars and three autocannons to paint and base!

    Vinci76 - I rewatched band of brothers recently too!! Apparently i look alot like Lt.Winters!

  8. by the way, they look great!

  9. @Soundwave and KSB: Thanks!

    I've been a little more prolific of late for two reasons: 1) Baby Drax tends to settle down at about 10pm now, so once I've done all my marking and planning (ha!) I've that time to myself...and 2) It's been half-term this week.

    Back to drudgery again tomorrow, so I'd better finish marking this sheaf of GCSE practice essays.


    PS: If you lot haven't already done so, read Ambrose's 'Band of Brothers' book. It's great. Oh, and I've even managed to use clips from the series whilst teaching GCSE Lit Poetry!

  10. Really great idea, nicely accomplished!
    It's also a great way to stretch out your bases. Cut them in half, and add a flat piece of cardstock and debris. Two bases for the price of one!

  11. Heh! Yeah, that economising hasn't escaped me either...except that I'm not planning to do any more, so I've got a spare half-moon base now!

  12. Look at you Mr. Fancy Pants base maker! I approve of these bases with gusto!

  13. Fantastic looking Drax !

    BTW completely agree with soundwave re the mould lines. My armies are done to be deployed en masse - partly due to me not actually being able to produce a pretty paint job anyway. So the mould lines are still there on most of my stuff.

  14. A quantom leap from your old bases! you should care less more often.

  15. Loving the models, and especially the bases. Some people make them look so easy, I've been making some up out of cork, and I've already realised the error of my ways by not pinning the models to the cork and base. Apparently superglue won't hold plastic to cork very well. hehe.


  16. So many comments! *attempts to read them before posting*

    It's a great idea, as has been said. You should totally add a lamp post to one if you have it though! Are you planning on all three to form a cohesive whole, as in all being just part of a theoretical large diorama?

  17. Thanks, chaps!

    By the way, they're based on rather thin plasticard, which was a slight error as the kneeling chappy isn't very sturdy. I'm hoping his rifle will act as a crutch when I glue it in!

    Hal'jin: I didn't even think of a group diorama as my models are never made for display. I don't have enough bits at the moment anyhow, even if I had the inclination. They are at least designed to complement each other in line abreast.

    I did consider a lampost, as Mrs. Drax has painted a few up really well, but they're WAY too tall, and overpower the low profile I was aiming for. That's why I cut the top off the flying butress in the (most) painted one.

  18. Nice work matey, they work really well together. Don't worry about the mould lines or paint job, 99% of the time, they're going to be looked at from 4' away!

    So what's next mate?

  19. Very nice work! You're right about the heavy weapons bases being a bit sparse - I know mine are. Time to pick up some Cities of Death building bits and Draxify them!


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