Friday, 18 June 2010

204 Wheeled APC Teaser Pics

It's late, I'm travelling upcountry after work tomorrow, and I really ought to be in bed...

...but here are some pics of the current project:

More details to follow.
- Drax.


  1. For a second there I thought you were going to make an APC with 204 wheels.

    "Sweet!", I thought. And then I saw it has 4. Still sweet though.

  2. Speaking of wheels, where did you get them?

  3. Very cool little conversion, Drax - I like it a lot!

  4. Such a cool conversion, would work well for a Company Commander named Monty ;)

  5. I also thought 'a 204 wheeled tank - wow'. The model is great.

  6. Really cool.

    Totally looks like the "scout car" my action man had when is was a kid.

    I was gutted when I broke it riding down a hill on it.

  7. Excellent work ! 204 Wheeled APC !

    Just don't let Karitas ride downhill on it !

  8. Looks really cool, Drax. It seems like this project just came out of nowhere!

  9. Awesome .... I would love to field APCs with wheels vs tracked vehicles that 40K pumps out.

    Great work

  10. Sadly guys...only 4 wheels.

    Thanks for commenting, though! And sorry for the delay: I've been off on a mate's stag weekend.

    I'm excited about this project, and although I've always wanted to try to make one, it just so happened that - quite out of the blue - Zzzzzz over at Devos IV sent me almost everything I needed for it!

    He sent the hull, the plasticard and the wheel axles; he also sent the wheels too, so I've no idea where they're from, alas. I'll ask.

    Check out his versions:

    - D

  11. I'm a bit late to the party, but looks great Drax! I'm not normally a fan of this type of conversion, but I think you've done a great job - good stuff!


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