Saturday, 12 June 2010

202 Armoured Fist Squad 3

Hi All,

Here's my [metal!] Armoured Fist Squad 3:
And the back view. You may notice the grenade launcher trooper has been converted from an unloved Griffon mortar crewman:
I've been re-working my Armoured Fist platoon [see here and under 'Posted Units', right] to include 2nd Edition missile launchers - not because I think they'll be of use but simply because I really really like the models and if I had them as a separate h-w squad they're not supposed to have access to a chimera. According to the Codex, at least. I'll paint up a few spares eventually, then I'll have a little more flexibility.

Once I've done the other missile launchers, I'll post the whole platoon with transports - should make a nice photo.

I've also revamped my painting chart, thanks to a minor recent purchase and some AWESOME GENEROSITY from Zzzzz over at Devos IV. More on his beneficence later, but pop over to him if you've not done so already - he's got some great stuff in the pipeline.


- Drax.


  1. Three cheers for old metal cadians.

    I'm looking at two weeks in Kent and then a week in the alps, so you've got three weeks before I get around to mudguards.

  2. I've made some cracking progress - thanks!

    I'm waiting for a couple of doors to come from ebay, but here's my issue: I can't for the life of me decide which way round to have it!

    Where on Earth did you get the wheels from? they're pretty good...

  3. Hey Drax ... getting real close now! I've signed up to Zzzzzz's blog - cracking rant on plastic crack mountain and the GW philosophy ... clearly we're separated by birth (and maybe 10 years).



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