Friday, 29 October 2010

233 Converted IFV Almost Finished

...and here's how it looks:
My salamander/HQ chimera variant's not finished yet (still needs some washing, highlighting and a little weathering) but little features to note include following:
  • the little winch under the flamer
  • the optical unit above the driver's port
  • the new addition of a gun shield (although it seems maybe a little bare)
  • there's rust on the wheel hubs which I'm quite happy with
  • I like the petrol can on the spare wheel
  • the wheels rotate
  • I'm useless at painting lights
  • the front-left mud guard still looks a little bare
  • I've tried to use red as a sort of 'spot colour'
  • strangely (it being a vehicle) this is the first of my models on which I've ever tried to shade and highlight fabric: I'm fairly pleased with the result, but it's not something that comes easily to me.

More pics:

Cheers, guys!

- Drax.


  1. It's looking very good. A brown enamel wash and some chipping will tie everything together definitely.
    As for the mud flaps you could add some modelling mud to make them look more interesting.

  2. It's a great conversion, and the details really make it shine. I'd say it's the perfect salamander stand-in!

  3. Kitted out to the max...very nice!

  4. Yeah looks really good Drax! Love the amount of details on it...!

    I agree 100% with Antipope, paint some chipping(boltgun metal) some parts of the edges, so it looks like it chipped of paint there(Like i did on my sentinel ). and some brown ink to make it look abit of dirty and you have yourself imo a god damn sexy set of wheels!

  5. Also you would be surprised how easy it is and how much a difference adding brown ink to it and make it look a bit rusty(look at picture on sentinel to). IF your into that sorta look, if not it looks really good anyway mate.

  6. Nice one Colonel. Can't wait to see it weathered and finished off. Where are those wheels from, anyway?

  7. I really like this. Thanks for sharing!
    Verification word:suckwood - which this does not.

  8. Thanks for the kind compliments, chaps!

    There's a bit of wear and tear on it already, but I'll try some chipping too. Trouble is, I'm not very good at it.

    There'll be dust, and brown ink but no clumped mud: my bases are urban. Nice idea, though.

    Great sentinel, too, Rasmus: don't forget to email me your address!

    #2501: the wheels (and the bulk of the main bits) were a kind (and surprising) donation from Zzzzzz over at Devos IV (linked in previous post).

    And "suckwood"? - genius. Thanks for the comment, Loquacious, and thanks for making me chuckle!

  9. Hey Admiral, there is really nothing easier than chipping. Just decide what "primer" your vehicles will have (I think something like RAL 8012 Red Prime would look very good on your colour scheme) and then dub it gently with a small piece of sponge around the areas that would have the most wear and tear. Hope this helps, I can elaborate more if you want :)

  10. I wouldn't mind a bit of elaboration if at all possible...and I only have GW colours, too(!)

  11. @Drax Heres a more clear view of what i mean by metal chipping ( )Its the article i used to do my metal chipping with boltgun metal. I use sephia brown ink(the GW one) to make it look like rush spots running down from bolts and stuff. Its very beginner and i tried sponge and this and i think that the first is easier. Al tho you can make some wonderful things with Antipopes technique.

  12. Well, you basically take your standard dish washing sponge and cut small pieces of various shapes from it. You mix your colour (for some kind of reddish primer I would use Dark Flesh:Scorched Brown 3:1) and dip the sponge pieces inside. You wipe all the excess paint on a piece of paper (same way you would for drybrushing but not quite as much) until you got a little bit remaining on the sponge. Then you dab it gently around the places that would show the most wear and tear (around hatches, doors, near the bottom of the vehicle, where crew would have to step on). The idea here is to make irregular and random looking small patches to represent paint chipping of the vehicle. Mind you that these small patches must look solid since they are supposed to be the vehicles primer. If you want to take an extra step you can highlight the chips around using a lighter version of your vehicles main colour (Camo Green I think for yours) but this is very time consuming. I hope this helps.

  13. Thanks, Ras and Antipope: Both very helpful indeed.

    Sadly I'm back to work on Monday, so painting will slow down again, but I hope to finish this baby within a couple of weeks...

    - D.

  14. Okay dokey, I am glad this helped. I don't think this would take more than an hour to do really. Good luck with the rest!

  15. Huzzah! I finished it last night!

    Sadly, now the clocks have changed I'm not going to see it in the daylight until Thursday at the earliest, so no photos for a while...

    - Chris.


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