Monday, 25 October 2010

232 Back in the Saddle Again (ish)

Well now,

Last night I bit the proverbial bullet and got back into some 40K basecoating my command IFV - to be used as a proxy for either a commander's chimera or (more appropriately) a replacement salamander command vehicle:
Some of you may have seen its earlier stages...well not much has changed since then, but I really really needed to paint something enjoyable, and though my vehicles' colour schemes are pretty dull to paint, the variety on this one should at least pep it up a little.

Thanks as aye to Zzzzzz for the generous donation of the main bits.

Drax out.

PS: The Dad-Car is going into the garage this week to see if they can't make her all better so I can start back at the club again. Resurgam! Live, damnit, live!


  1. Looking good. Sometimes it just takes that bit of effort to get back on track with painting.

    Here's a prayer for the car.

    Cheers, mate.

  2. Love the vehicle Drax, Looks very realistic and happy for you that you will get some action soon in the club again!

  3. Very nice conversion! It looks to fit in perfectly with the whole guard look. I'm now a little bit inspired to make myself a personalised command tank of some sort.

    I too, was painting vehicles last night. For me it was making a start on my first Russ.

  4. Awesome conversion indeed. Looks like a ton of fun to paint too.


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