Saturday 6 November 2010

235 Converted IFV/Salamander Finished!

I finished this baby a few nights ago, but I only saw daylight in which to photograph her this morning. I'm very happy with how she's turned out - mostly for the reasons given here. Here she is - notes below:
I'm very happy with the way my first attempt at shading fabric turned out, and I'm pleased with some of the modelled details (the gas can on the spare wheel; the winch and the turret and gun shield). Also, although it doesn't show in these photos at all, I spent quite a lot of time on the rusty wheel rims and weathering (specifically, fine brown and grey dust sprayed from the wheels).

Thanks to so much great advice (from the likes of The Antipope at 122nd Cadian and Rasmus over at The Deathworlders - both excellent blogs) I tried out lots of other details too, like rust-style weathering from rivets and some chips from the paint: thanks, chaps - I'm really pleased with how it turned out (although you can't see it all here, alas).

Only problem? The final wash went a bit swirly and mottled. It looks a bit pants at first, but I've come to the conclusion that it's just where the crew tied to swab her down quickly...though why they'd want to is anyone's guess!

Thanks for looking...

- Drax.


  1. Great work! I actually like the final wash -- I can see that the troops might have to swab it down quickly as they simply slept in too long before inspection...

  2. Looking great Drax, the paint job really do the conversion justice. I think its one of your best! really like the chipping to, not bad for your first try, gives a real realism touch that i always thought your IG leaned up against.

  3. This is a cracking effort mate. You look at it and see an AFV, not a toy model wanting to be an AFV.

    I love all the little accessories and gubbins. Makes me realise how versatile those bits can be if used correctly.

    Particularly fond of the weathering on the top hatch handles where they would obviously rub when moved - really simple but very effective in conveying actual use and wear.

    Your painting has really come a long way since I first started lurking in your blog.

    Well done mate.


  4. Hey Admiral, it turned out very nice indeed. The vehicle is full of detail and personality and you manage to bring it out with the paintjob.

    "The final wash went a bit swirly and mottled"
    Did you use an enamel wash?

  5. Gorgeous, really like this a ton. I wish I knew what you were yammering about on the final wash, because I don't see it - and love the look.

  6. Thank you very much, all: I'm more proud of this than I've been of a modelling project in a while. Since my objective marker, I guess.

    The wash [Loq: see front mudguards, pic 6] was just Devlan Mud which I've used loads before: maybe there was something in the brush or in the water. Either way, I'm too old to care much and your comments are most reassuring!

    > Pom: Kind words indeed, cobber. Thanks.

  7. Very nice work my friend, very nice indeed.

  8. Fantastic work drax, using the russ hull is inspired!

  9. That looks great!

    Great job on the paint work as well.

  10. so awesome!!!!!I love wheeled A.F.V...

    good job i really like the rugged mud tires.

  11. Dude you should convert Richard David James (aphex twin) to ride in it!
    He owns a British armoured car. :)

  12. This thing rocks. I do love an armoured car me! :)

  13. Consider this knicked; I'm going to repurpose this into a Taurox replacement.

  14. That's a gleaming idea, CJ, and thanks!

    If you trace the labels back you'll find its conversion genesis...


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