Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Yeah, I know it's lame, but...


Pics first then joyous ramblings.

This is the view over the start of the deserted tidal road when we went out for a Drax family walk:
And here is Baby Drax exploring the snow in the evening (only about 4:30, but it's getting dark early here at the moment):
NB: The snowsuit she's sporting first belonged to Mrs. Drax in 1979 and is - I think - made in part from asbestos.

Right then.

Seriously: I know this is nothing to most of you, but let me fill you in here...

I grew up on the South coast of England and I had a decent snowfall only once - ONCE - in my childhood. Nowadays, I live even further south - in beautiful South Devon. It really is gorgeous down here - Hell, I live in a designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and last week a colleague described his commute to work as "Just like driving through Narnia"...but we never ever expect to get a snow day down here.

Now? Not only did I get a day off in February, but I got one last week too. The reason? About an inch of snow. That's all. They're getting feet of the stuff up north, but down here a single inch is enough to send the rural community (and, more importantly, the network of school buses) grinding to a halt. Brilliant!

Having got the news by text from my assistant, I donned the ol' wellies, slid downhill from the cottage to the bus stop and gave the jolly news to all the pupils waiting there. For five minutes, I was a god. Then I gathered wife, child and dog and we all went for a lovely walk before heading back to the roaring fire and hot chocolate (with the last of the Thanksgiving marshmallows).

Interesting side-note: Mrs. Drax was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and consequently feels (in her words) "Like a superhero" in snowy Britain, because she alone can walk on snow and ice without going arse-over-tit. She's right.

Here's another great picture of my awesome little girl being awesome:
And here's a pic of the corgi loving the snow. He too is from Chicago, and despite his fourteen years, he still loves being able to romp through the white stuff:
On a final note, I'll be back to 'proper' 40K blogging this weekend, as the time has now arrived for a couple of projects...not least of which are my deal with the Inner Geek and finally basing that regimental mascot...

Cheers for your indulgence,

- Drax.


  1. This officially becomes my favorite post to date.

    The asbestos line cracked me up, and the area you live in is amazing. Not to mention the fact that your little girl is adorable. You're a lucky guy, Mr. Drax...

    Looking forward to more IG in the near future...

  2. Its much the same here in the southern parts of the US. We've had a few inches of snow this week (collectively about one a day) and the schools have ground to a halt, with closings all over. But a lot of the bus routes run up into the mountains, and school buses handle...like, well school buses. Not something I'd ant to drive up into the snowy mountains in the early AM hours.

  3. Great pics! Enjoy the snow in Narnia while it lasts!

  4. I I'm from just south of Chicago IL (by "just south" I mean two hours) and I am at the moment enjoying (HA!) 4 inches.

    What a wonderful treat that you got to enjoy a lovely day with family and the snow.

  5. if you want rid of it you can send some of that white stuff down under to me Drax.

    I've been wishing for snow since I left the mother country back in the 90's. My relatives back home (up north in Middlesbrough, and further north in Aberdeenshire) have been sending pictures of how deep it is up their way.

    I'm sweltering over here in 35 degrees, at high humididty. We had 100mm of rainfall yesterday in just over an hour, but it stayed at 35 degrees so its muggy as all buggery.

    I envy you the weather mate.

    And your little girl is just gorgeous. She looks like she's just at that cool age where they are able to get about themselves and explore a bit - everythings new and a delight to them.


    PS - Cadfael looks the part too, expectantly awaiting his masters.

  6. I think Rogue Pom summed up my feelings as well: having lived Down Under for the best part of a decade now, I miss the UK, snow and all.

  7. I'm in sunny Rotherham for the day. A colleague has just come in stating that Whitby got 40cm overnight. Radio 2 says that Perth will expereince highs of -14 today, so that'll be at about 1300.

    And I distinctly remember when I was in short trousers (mid 70s) RN Wessex's dropping hay to sheep stuck on Dartmoor being a fairly regular occurence. So you might be in for more yet. Best google for corgi snorkels whilst the post man can still deliver. :)

  8. I'm so very jealous of you Drax, up here in Oxford, despite temperatures dropping below -10, we've yet to see more than a dusting of snow - we've had frosts thicker that the snowfall. What I wouldn't give for an enforced day off at the moment!

  9. Like Andy BG we've missed out on all the snow in harborough, leicestershire. I can't say I'm too worried though, where I grew up (Derbyshire) its currently impassable to all but landrovers.

    Several feet of snow dear boy ... enough to knock out the electricity for a week - now that's a snow day!

  10. It's good to see you're making the most of the bad weather.

    God in the eyes of school kids, that's impressive for a teacher ;-)

  11. Thanks so much for the great comments, All - and I'm pleased to note that Mrs. Drax read and enjoyed them all.

    Corgi snorkels for the win!

    PS: Baby Drax's first word? - "dinosaur". What a result!

  12. Nice pics all round! Beautiful scenery, gorgeous baby girl, cute dog.

    We seldom get more than an inch or so around here, but last year I had a foot in my back yard on two occasions. We are famous for our slush and ice though!

    Still watching my mailbox...

  13. Dear Drax
    In all my childhood in Cornwall, I remember snow only once - the 1963 freeze up.


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