Tuesday 21 December 2010

239 Service with a Smile

Hi All,

GOOD NEWS: I'm pleased with my latest painted miniature - a servitor (below);
BAD NEWS: the treasured mini I sent in a package to The Inner Geek has not yet arrived - Aaargh!

Here's that servitor though. He goes with my Techpriest (though I'm unlikely to use them unless it's Apoc or a special scenario).

I'm particularly pleased with the wires and pipes and the hazard markings. Those hazard markings with the bright red servo arm are a nod to my old 2nd edition days...
This is a real unsung gem of a model, I think.


- Drax.


  1. Looks like he would hold his own

  2. Very nicely painted model there Drax! (the icy backdrop & green foliage really accentuates the paint job too).

  3. You may want to reconsider not using this, more than one outflanking unit that was intent on killing a tank, outflanked in a different location when it realized that behind the tank was a t-priest & his little servo armed retinue!

  4. Beautiful work Drax! I see the servitor has been deployed on an ice world over there. Can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Lovely work. I do like the caution stripes!

    Alas, still no post from Drax here. We may have to come up with a plan 'b'. I'll email you later.

  6. great use of your snow! Love this guy.

  7. I second the bit about great use of snow effects. I was going to ask how you did it but then realised...

  8. Thanks, All!

    The snow is now all ice, and we were trapped in the village for three days, but it's truly beautiful and yes - it makes for a nice background!

    > Da Masta Cheef: thanks! I do like the idea of fielding him when I field my Leman Russes; and yes, I figure they'd be great in counter-attack. I want to wait until I've a second servitor though...

    Merry Christmas, All!

    - D.

  9. That's one nice model you've got there mate, it came out really nice.

    I wouldn't worry about your lost package at the mo, the postal service is a nightmare at the minute!

  10. Great mini Drax, looks really good! Btw properly the package is delayed cause of the weather? in Europe everything is panic cause of it, maybe in the US to.


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