Saturday, 20 August 2011

281 Painting Across the Pond: Finished!

Hi All,

I'm delighted to announce that after only eight months I've finished this project: painting the Ogryn Bone'ead sent to me in exchange with The Inner Geek. Do please check out his site (linked) as he ought to be posting what he's painted up for me, and please enjoy these pics. The challenge for me was twofold: (1) to try painting large areas of flesh tones and highlighting, and (2) to paint something I wouldn't normally paint, so I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback. Close-up towards the end...

- Drax.


  1. Wow! He looks great! And freehand tattoos? You're just showing off now. Truly a great job, Drax. Thanks a million.

  2. Very impressive Drax! I'm sure TIG will be pleased when he gets to show it off on the table!

  3. Looks nice, the best picture for color tone is the top one. A very nice job and I like the tatoos. Makes me want to go buy some ogres... You might want to invest in a good light box, like to help with the color balance of some photos.

  4. Thanks, guys. And yes, I've always wanted to see if that colour worked for tatoos.

    Spyrle, you are - of course - completely right, and that is a very impressive lightbox. I was going to bemoan the lack of space in my little cottage for a lightbox, but I see it collapses nicely too.

    I wouldn't spend money on a lightbox, either...but maybe I could try jury-rigging one, as I know some folks have done so successfully. I dunno.

    Sometimes, when I can take pics outside (which requires the unusual combination of me being at home in the daylight (winter days are very short here) and nice weather) they turn out beautifully, but I had to do these quickly, and the weak light was coming from the side. AAlthough I tend not to use direct sunlight, you can tell that Mr. Sun went in right after that firs pic, can't you?!


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