Friday 12 August 2011

279 Transporting the Army for a Fiver


Bought this for five quid from a charity shop, spent two afternoons fixing it up in the woodwork workshop at school, and it's now my army transport case. It's 20 x 11 x 11":

When deployed, it stretches to 56" wide, and this is why I call it 'the Galleon':

Currently, it contains my 2000pt tournament army plus a bunch of other models (removed for the pics) and all my playing aids. Here's the left, with platoon infantry, HQ choices and some other bits on one level, and on the other a hellhound, a devil dog, a chimera and a griffon:

On the right, five heavy weapons teams, spare snipers (and other bits) on top of two chimeras, my objective marker and assorted turrets and bits. In the tub are all my veterans, and the multicoloured slottabases thereupon are some playing aides I'm currently working on (vehicle markers etc.). In another pic below you might also see the 5 orange objective markers I mocked up last night.

In the bottom there's stacks of room. Currently, the blue washing powder box on the left holds a griffon and my salamander, and the lilac one on the right has two Leman Russes:

Please find a selection of details below:

This thing weighs a ton...but it's characterful, different and definitely Draxian!

More coming up soon...

- Drax.


  1. That's brilliant sir! Must be a pain to carry, but infinitely more useful than my Battlefoam case once you get to the killing grounds.

    Good job!

  2. good job mate, that's perfect.

  3. Cheers, guys. I like, it. I've had no breakages in 12 journeys now, and it just straps nicely into the driver-side rear seat in the dadmobile - the last transport cases had to be strapped down in the boot.

    It really is bloody heavy though!

  4. Heavy? Imagine the muscles you're building though!

    But tell the truth, is just because you'd rather strangers on the street think you're off to a picnic than to play toy soldiers?

  5. Yeah - the latter point there is certainly the main (non-financial!) reason I'd never ever use a GW army case...

    By the way: did you get my email reply t'other day mate? The ogryn's finished at last!

  6. Yes I did! I'll be ready to put a blog post together by this weekend. Just let me know when you want to post.

  7. Hey, that _is_ nice. I really need to reimagine army carrying for Dark Eldar. They just break way too easily, especially vehicle parts...

  8. I think everyone must read this.


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