Monday, 26 December 2011

290 Brief thoughts on FoW Modelling

Hullo, and season's greetings to all and sundry on this, the Feast of Stephen.

My indulgence in 15mm goodness continues apace, despite Mrs. Drax asking me to not spend too much time on my toys this Christmas, and I have en route a set of British Late War paints and a Heavy Mortar Platoon. What joy!

The pic above is from last week - the bases of 1 Platoon have now been built up with filler (Spackle) and sand, and I've undercoated them with black, but I thought I'd use the image as I briefly share some of my thoughts about the construction - so far - of my new soldiers.

Essentially, I very much enjoyed putting these together. Minimal flash to dispose of, and the bases of each model have been easy to level off. I'm amazed by the variety of poses and the models look great together. Naturally the detail on the individuals is good if necessarily chunky, but I've noticed the BF tanks seem far less crisp than the troops. Hmmm. Still, those dirt cheap Shermans from the Plastic Soldier Company look as if they've got gorgeous detailing!

The bases themselves are beautiful! with a tiny, tiny nodule underneath each corner lifting it about 0.75mm to enable incredible ease of lifting. Battlefront, I am well impressed.

They're starting to look good now I've based them better, but after years of 'rubble' bases I've lost my static grass, so I'll need to get some more. do I go about painting 127 of these little buggers?

Enjoy the turkey leftovers,

- Drax.


  1. Looking good, Drax! I look forward to see how your tommies turn out.

  2. Have you tried Crossfire, brilliant set of WW2 rules for 15mm


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