Monday, 2 January 2012

291 The Emperor Lives! (as does my enjoyment of 40K)

Happy New Year, Folks!

It's now obvious that - like a lot of 40k vets, so it appears - I'm getting into an alternative system: I had my first proper intro game of Flames of War the other day and I loved it. That said, however, I did manage to get to the Club last Thursday and had a cracking game against the ever-pleasant Lee.

As it happens, I won fairly comprehensively, after the fellow in the picture above died the Death of a Thousand Guard-Gunline Cuts. But here's the thing: we had a good time. Sure, we spent a significant amount of time bemoaning the ludicrous inconsistencies in 40k; sure the broken cheesiness of the Guard codex made life very difficult for the marines, and sure it was pretty one-sided from turn two, but still, the game was enjoyable and we had a laugh.

Long live 40k.

I should, of course, note that as we were packing up, Lee suddenly cried "Oh no! I completely forgot to field my two thunderfire cannon - they're worth 200pts".


Enjoy 2012...


  1. That's the way it always happens to me- I forget something important. Glad you had fun!

  2. How DARE you say you liked playing 40k! :)

  3. Welcome to the dark side of dabbling in historicals ;) I started 10 years ago and haven't looked bag. Nice post, 40k may be a bit broken (understatement) but always a good laugh


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