Sunday, 19 August 2012

331 Twenty Questions

Posties' Rejects 20 Questions

Well now, I do quite like the ‘insights’ that these silly things provide, and besides, although for once I’ve got a stack of hobby stuff to post I can’t actually face any of it tonight. So here goes. Caught this from Colonel Scipio at Palladian Guard, by the way…

Favourite Wargaming Period, and Why?
Grimdark, though really that’s only through a lack of anything else. I suspect I may love Flames when I get to play it more…

Next Period, money no object?
I don’t know, actually. I’ve seen some tasty looking Viking miniatures over at Wargaming Girl, and I’m into the Viking/Saxon/Norman era, but I’ve no idea what any rules are like. Plus I hate painting skin…

Favourite five films?
Starship Troopers
Blues Brothers
Brannagh’s Henry V
A Matter of Life and Death [if you’ve not seen this, do so!]

Favourite five TV series?
Red Dwarf
The West Wing
Band of Brothers
Scrubs (before it went rubbish)
Sharp/Hornblower (Yes, I’m a sucker for cheap stuff too)

Favourite book and author?
Gun to my head?
- 1984 / Orwell

Greatest General? Can't count yourself!

Favourite Wargame rules?
Flames of War

Favourite Sport and Team?
Meh. I play sometimes for my staff football team (soccer) – so, er, ‘us’ I suppose.

If you had a one-use-only time machine, when and where would you go?
To the birth of my first daughter. And this time I’d be less petrified and not give a flying fig about anything but her and her mum.

Fantasy relationship and why?
The lovely Claire Danes; not least in Romeo + Juliet (it's allowed - we're the same age and I had a huge crush when this film came out. Can I use this one with the Time Machine? Then again, maybe not: I'd just be awkward and teenagey).
If your life were a movie, who would play you?
Stephen Fry. Sadly more for his looks than for his intellect.

Last meal on Death Row?
Proper sausages, beans and a chip butty. And corn dogs, because they’re filthy.
Favourite comic book superhero?
Favourite military quote?
Pierre Bosquet at the Charge of the Light Brigade: C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre: c'est de la folie ("It is magnificent, but it is not war: it is madness").

Historical destination to visit?
Normandy or Rorke's Drift/Isandhlwana

Biggest Wargaming regret?
Giving away all of my huge early nineties collection of 40K and Epic.

Favourite fantasy job?
Battle of Britain RAF fighter pilot
Favourite song top 5?
Two Little Boys – Rolf Harris
Fashion Parade – Misty’s Big Adventure
Bijou – Queen
At Last – Etta James(?)
Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

Favourite Wargaming moment?
Phew! Er, probably back in fourth edition when a lone plasma gunner destroyed an awful lot of my friend’s marines. Either that, or seeing a flight of 10 valkyries depositing my light infantry in a 5’x3’ drop zone at Zzzzzzz’s house. Simply stunning!

The Miserable Git Question: what upsets you?
Senses of scale in wargaming (especially in 40K), codex creep and never having enough time to play all-infantry Guard.

Cheers for reading, and feel free to spread this…

- Drax.


  1. If you like Norman/Saxon/Vikings definitely Check out Saga by Gripping Beast. Great rule set... set in that period.

  2. Nice one Drax, some excellent answers! Not really into Shakespeare, but Henry V is an excellent film, it gives me goosebumps when Brannagh does the famous speech.

  3. Bananaman! I forgot about Bananaman. And I totally agree on Claire Danes. When we watched Romeo and Juliet for English, I think our teacher thought we'd all died (the blokes at least) since we spent the whole lesson staring glass-eyed at the screen without moving.

    The only bad thing about reading other people's answers is that you keep seeing stuff that you should have put in yourself. How could I have left out 1984!?

    1. Seconded on all counts, and 1984 should be in there too... 5 questions is not enough lol

  4. Thanks, guys.

    And trust me, Scipio, the girls enjoyrd DiCaprio too (at the time, at least).


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