Sunday, 5 August 2012

326 Summer Projects 1 - Anyone Recognise This Model?

Hi, All,

Sorry for the recent radio silence but somewhat uncharacteristically for me I've actually been getting some modelling done (albeit mostly Flames of War focussed).

Now...does anyone recognise this component:
Yuo, that's right. As a bit of a 40K 'treat' for myself (after some recent directionlessness) I've decided to paint up a squadron of old 2nd Edition sentinels in Praetorian colours. Here's the start of the process:
Now all I've got to do is Praetorianise the pilot...

Hope you're all well; more updates soon. Flames of War stuff, I think.

- Drax. 


  1. Ooooh, nice! That model's a bit before my time (ie probably before my birth, rather than my hobby). Looking forward to FoW - I'm switching fire onto my WW2 now as well.

  2. I dig the old style sentinels, I just wish they would return the assault cannon weapon option from 2nd edition. I have a dozen of the Praetorian sentinels that I was painting up to use as a Emperors Talon recon formation in Apocalypse games back in 2008 and no, they are not finished yet.


  3. Thumbs up!

    I got your email, will drop you a reply!

  4. I had a trio of those I traded to SandWyrm. I had 2 Praetorian, and 1 Cadian.

    You can easily take Heavy Weapon gunners, and grind off the bottoms to make them fit.

    The old assault cannons can work easily as Multilasers, or you can get Cadian plastic Heavy Weapon Sprues to make a variety of weapon mounts.

    I've also seen some of those chassis with underslung weapons, and a targeting array where the assault cannons mounted. all magnetized, of course.

  5. Very cool looking.. waiting to see how they turn out!

  6. Praetorian Pink! I dig! :P

    Makes me miss my old RT Egg Sentinals.

  7. Thanks, chaps - always good to get that ol' nostalgia flowing, eh? And I agree it's a shame that the Guard can't still field assault cannon...after all, the Marines have been systematically stealing all our good weapons over the last few years(!)

    It's struck me that the shoulder pads aren't very Praetorian either. Hmm...

    >Farmpunk: Have you seen the cost of the old Praetorian/Mordian gunners on ebay?! - Prohibitive, I'm afraid. As for weapons? Well I'm going to keep (but not glue in) the assualt cannon - as far as I'm concerned they can count as multilasers sure enough.


  8. alas, I haven't had the coin to look on e-bay for 40k stuff.

    I know they used to run around $12 USD for a gun and gunner about a year ago. Maybe I should look again, and consider selling off some Praetorians/ Steel Legion/ Tallarn

    I've got a few.

    This link goes to how SandWyrm converted his Sentinels after we traded.

  9. Ach, I'd forgotten them - brilliant! Thanks!

  10. Admiral, I love those sentinels I have quite a few of them that I am building at the moment! As a side note I have a few spare praetorian pilots. If you would like one let me know and I'll post it to you. I cant imagine the postage cost on such a small item would be all that much, but if you're happy to cover the postage cost it is yours! (also I live in Australia so it may take a few weeks to come)
    I will endeavour to post a few photos of what I have been doing to mine too :)


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