Sunday 2 September 2012

333 More Veterans - It's Been a While...

Hullo, All.

A painting update for once! I've finally got round to painting up another 3 hardened veterans that'd been lying around for yonks, having decided now that each new veteran will essentially be a chance for me to try out a new camouflage. In this case, I'd played on a red table last week (albeit without my veterans) so in honour of this I tried two variations on a red hint:
The simple one is far less effective yet more time-consuming. Figures.

Until next time (there's some bits and bobs in the pipeline, I promise!), keep well,

- Drax.


  1. Looking forward to bits and bobs! They look very nice. Been doing lots of work on camouflage (mostly historical) recently so it's good to see the idea transferred to successfully to the 40K scene. Pleased to see the meltagunner has his shades on - you can't fire a 'hot' weapon (plasmas, flamers, meltas, etc) without your issue shades on! Great stuff.

  2. Nicely done.

    The middle scheme is the most effective for me. - Ive done a fair bit of my own messing about with camo on guardsmen and I find that it's a fine line to walk between making effective camo... so that all the models details are obscured.. and an effective min, where a "camo" is distinctly observable, but the mini still stands out.. no2 does that best for me here. :P

  3. Love those shoulder markings. Col Scipio's own camouflague workings have me thinking about my own projects and what I can add to them in a similar vien.

    Get the rest of that vet squad done!

  4. Thanks, Chaps. And Karitas you are - of course - completely right.

    And Dai: Thanks, but they're numbers 23-25 of my pool of completed veterans, mate! Here's the bulk of them (some of them worth a look, especially for the shhoulders...):

    1. Go's to show how much back-reading I do.....

      Carry on sir, don't mind me and my lack of research before posting. :)


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