Wednesday, 10 September 2014

460 - '6MMRPC' #2- Some Painting...of sorts

I bloody love forcing myself to stop working at 10 and start painting: what a bloody brilliant idea - great for the soul!

Yup! Thank you, 6MMRPC!

I'm shattered and I need bed, so here is an unflattering pic of two of my 15mm scale scratch-built buildings with some base coats slathered on them. The photos cannot do them justice (they're way more detailed than they appear) but maybe a paint-job might in the end. Figures for scale.

I'll explain my 'other/non-army' 6MMRPC projects shortly, honest!

- D.


  1. There is certainly a good motivation from this challenge. I personally hope it continues to motivate me for months and months. I added you to the 6MMRPC blogroll (

  2. A little work is still work. I think these will be rather lovely once they are completed.

    1. Thanks, Dai!

      As it happens, I absolutely LOVE crafting these - it feels like a real treat, and (as with all non-martial modelling) I''m much happier doing it whilst my wife's still around in the evening. It feels more twee and 'social' somehow tha modelling guns and soldiers.

      That said, they're not so much fun to paint as to design...

  3. They look great. I'd love to see an unpainted picture of them. I've built a few FoW buildings but find them a lot of work at this scale.

    1. Thanks!

      These pics are fairly idicative:
      - although they don't include the two-story one. I rather enjoyed crfting the beams on the more ornate one - it's the sort of cottage I'm surrounded by here in rural England.

      What's worrying me - I'll probably put up a post asking for advice nearer the time - is how to convincingly paint the large, flat surfaces...

    2. Is the material for the walls textured at all? You don't have an airbrush do you?

      What I do for mine is paint them brown then drybrush a lighter colour then add some highlights and shadows to each panel with an airbrush.

      Without texture or an airbrush, you could use a sponge to create some texture by sponging on a slightly lighter colour.

  4. I would love to see this blog on the House of Paincakes blogrolls.

  5. I think they look fantastic, and glad to know I'm not the only one working on scratch built terrain in the challenge!


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