Sunday, 25 January 2015

484 - Sad But Inevitable: Ebay Time

Yup - money's tight and space is at a premium, so the peripheral hobby stuff is having to go. I had a wee cull a fortnight ago, but Mrs Drax said I should at least tell you lot that it's happening, so here it is. All of the following are up for sale, amongst some other bits and bobs *sniff*:
Err...Cadian Rough Riders?
Oh well - more (and more streamlined) toys for Chris, maybe...?

(Plus the family not starving, of course.)

- D.


  1. It can difficult letting go of figures, even if they seldom or never see action. I hope you get a good price for them and things start looking up :-)

  2. Sorry to hear you gotta dump a few models, you've got some real "treasures" in that lot. Do you send international (mainland EU) or are just within the UK?

    1. Yeah, there's some real potential there. I will ship to elsewhere by arrangement...

  3. As needs be sir.

    I'll be shoving up more stuff myself on Ebay very soon. I hope you get some big bids on these!

  4. Selling off minis is never easy, but it's always good to free up space and get some extra pennies in. Definitely some real treasures in there - I'm sure they're sell well!

  5. I'm in the process of going thru my collection of unpainted stuff and culling some...its difficult. I've also sold off some boardgames here recently as well.


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