Thursday, 19 February 2015

489 - Painting the Black Bull at 28mm

This is what worried me most about approaching historical gaming at 28mm: painting unit markings.

It turns out (and thanks to those of you who punted me in this direction) that freehanding the Black Bull of 11AD really isn't too bad - at least with my trusty '005' fineliner pen to help with the black!

I thought I'd practise on my spanky new Bren Carrier crew:
Mmm...unflattering, garish flash!
- sans flash -
In my head, THIS is how one gets in and out of a Bren Carrier...
Top view, naturellement.
And yes, I do know there's more yet to be done...


- Drax.


  1. Looking good so far! You can get away with fudging details in 15mm, but there's not many places to hide at 28mm! Good on you for diving into it :-)

    I've had a ride in the back of a bren carrier. It was extremely uncomfortable. You feel every bump in the ground and you just about get your backside cooked by the heat from the engine!

    1. Ooh, jealous!

      I did get to fire one of the King's Troop RHA's WWI 13pdr guns once - that was fun - but I really need to get myself over to the Bovington Tank Museum and do some tank riding...

  2. Patches look great to me. Imagine had you gone with the 4th Canadian Armoured Division all you'd have to paint on your infantry is plain green squares. :)

    1. Yeah...and they'd have access to wasp flamethrowers too. Canuck gits.

  3. Have got Patrick DelaForce's Book "The Black Bull" ? Well worth the read.

    Lots of good stuff from Archer but I could not find much in 1/48 or many Div Markings.

    1. I've read it - I suppose I ought really to get myself a copy of it for keeps too, given that I'm fairly committed to 11AD now in two bloomin' scales...

      Cheers for the link too, although 28mm is a weird scale: 1/56 or 1/58 or something...

  4. You don't get out of those.
    You die in 'em.


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