Tuesday, 24 February 2015

490 - Bolt Action Infantry Progress - Bit-by-Bit (W-i-P)

I've been forcing myself to paint again...

It may not look much, but these first six men (2Lt and one fire team) are almost done. By 'almost' I mean what's missing includes this:

  • Some facial detail (and hair - I hate hair. That's why they're all wearing their lids),
  • Rank insignia,
  • Helmet camo for those requiring it,
  • Maybe a bit of drybrushing on the khaki, and 
  • A metric tonne of inky wash, which I've no doubt will make a substantial improvement.
My photography is as unflattering as ever, but here they are (NB: the rest of 1 Section are almost up to this point too:

They even sport enamel mugs in a subtle range of colours...


- D.


  1. Hair. I hate painting hair. I can't ever get it to look quite right. Badges are looking good!

    1. The only hair colour I can get right is ginger, so stand by for the Weasley family tribute platoon!

    2. Haha. Me too! Easy to highlight with an orangey brown. I'm not really sure what else to do or how to do it... Grey is easy but not very WW2. Black looks weird.

    3. Black always make them look like the bastard love-child of a US TV news anchor and a lego man.

  2. Looking good man! I also am liking the badges, my personal hate when painting is skin...I suck at it.

    1. Why, thank you!

      Experience with 40K tells me that this base colour + shady wash will look just fine, but yeah - they just look ill pre-wash!

  3. Yep- a lil' wash and then you send 'em out to go get Jerry!

  4. Needs rank patches and regiment name patches arching over the unit patch too. ;)

    So far, so good mate.

    For me - eyes are the worst.... ~_~

    1. I *did* note that rank was needed, y'know(!) and rather pleasingly there's a Belgian group of re-enactors who recreate 4KSLI (amongst others), so I've found out that the regimental patch wi be just a tiny splodge of red.

      This was interesting too...:


      I must say, I'm daunted by the prospect of using decals for all the bloody chevrons, so I rather suspect I'll paint them on too.

    2. ...Just did a bit more digging to work out some of the other badges too.


      This is exactly why I've always avoided 28mm historical!

  5. Decals. Man up and have a go, You can always paint over the ones that don't flake off.


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