Wednesday, 27 May 2015

503 - Bolt Action: Core Platoon - A Belated First Look

Hullo, All.
[N.B. The copy in this post is orange and blocky and looks really weird because...well, because Blogger evidently hates me.]

Still taking advantage of Bath Youth Hostel's bandwidth, what follows is the now delightfully obsolete first look at my 28mm Bolt Action core platoon. I say 'now obsolete', because since taking these photos a fortnight ago I have now completely finished (and based) all of the following:

  • 2Lt,
  • Artillery FOO (the Brits get him for free!)
  • 1 Section (10 men, with an LMG) 
  • 2 Section (ditto)
  • PIAT team
  • Sniper team
  • 3-man Vickers MMG team
  • 6 pounder A-T gun team
  • Cromwell tank
  • Recce Carrier, and 
  • THREE transport Universal Carriers
Allow me to recap. ALL of these units are now completely finished - ALL OF THEM - a hitherto unknown and unbelievably swift rate of painting for your erstwhile humble author...

But THESE are the only ones of which I have photos. So here you are. CAVEAT: As ever, the photos don't do the models justice, and - in case you're unfamiliar with Bolt Action minis - the figures are understandably hunched over...not standing up, bulletproof like my poor ol' Guardsmen (but more about them anon...).
"Group Hug!" - Ah, it feels so long ago... 
2Lt (left) and ginger FOO (right, in the dashing leather jacket and scarf). Yes - he's pointing at the map with the stem of his pipe in a very manly way.
PIAT! Note the converted handle on the ammo case...
Sniper and spotter
1 Sect (to make them minimum force-legal, they can be split into two 5-man sections)
A close-up of that map. And the pipe. :)

'Havoc' - my Cromwell. It's covered in weathering powder - as is the recce carrier - but it doesn't show here. More about weathering powder soon, too...
Recce Carrier. It now also has a Boys A-T rifle, which is obsolete history-wise, but the only in-game A-T option at the moment...
Note the stowed Bren, inside the right of the hull. I'm pleased with this wee conversion!
 I'm delighted to note that I will actually get to play my first proper game of Bolt Action this weekend, at Gravis's store, Kirton Games (see Curious Constructs link, above), and after that, painting will low down as I take up my workload as an examiner...but there will still be posts, I promise!

Thanks, All.

- Drax.

PS: With luck and a following wind I'll be able to take some proper pics soon...


  1. Very nice. They look great. I really like the vehicles. Great work. Let me know how you enjoy bolt action!

    1. Thanks, mate - I'm super-super looking forward to it!


  2. Great work, everything looks really good! I love the facial expressions on the infantry, a very determined bunch. You have to be a lot more precise painting those larger vehicles, the detail is a lot better than 15mm, as you would expect.

    1. Ha-ha! Yeah, they're certainly a very shouty bunch...but then again, battlefields really aren't quiet places, are they?

      I know I'm not painting as much detail as I could, but in researching, I was astonished at how bland the British vehicles are - even at 1:1 scale!

      Mind you, the pics don't do them justice: the details (metalworks, tyres, tool hafts etc.) are actually painted - promise!

  3. These are flippin lovely mate. Really like the basing too - good use by adding just enough, but not nearly too many flowers, bravo.

    I have found myself using my own pipe to direct others. Very manly, pipes.

    1. I may have been known to use a pipe as a teaching aid.

      As for the basing? Yeah. In twenty-mumble years of gaming, I've never once been happy with my basing...until these figures.

      And that's due in a massive part to the addition of flowers - THANK YOU!

      Your contribution, incidentally, has not been overlooked: I'll be putting up a post anon about the basing itself...

  4. Jolly good show chaps, now to sock it to Jerry; next stop Eglise Stain Pierre in Cean !

    1. Yup - now I get to watch impotently as they all get mown down by MG42s tomorrow...

  5. Oh yes Drax old boy - very nicely done indeed. Havoc and Ginger FOO are the stand outs.

    The map is such a nice touch, and the pipe...briliant.

    The Cromwell (not discounting the plucky little carrier) is fantastic - lovely seeing tanks on show.

    1. Thank you very much, sir!

      I only wish I could take credit for the sculpting. Very long-time readers of my blog will know that there's a very subtle light blue motif running through all of my forces, so the colour of the silk scarf was a no-brainer!

      Cheers, Muppet.

  6. Really nice painting - a very realistic Cromwell and I love the detail on the FOO's map

    1. Cheers, mate - I am improving, albeit very incrementally!

      The only thing I need to improve on it really is the antennae: they look daft at the mo...

  7. They look utterly bloody lovely, look forward to hearing of their great victory over the weekend

    1. Cheers mate - it's up now, if you're interested...

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks mate - always a pleasure to see you knocking around these parts...!

  9. Fantastic paint work as ever Drax! I figure I'll pick up Bolt Action at some point.

  10. They look fantastic Drax :) might try to con you into painting a tank or something for our project!!

    1. Coo - thanks for swinging by, Damon: it's a privilege to have you here!

      If you're serious, I could certainly be tempted...


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