Thursday, 4 June 2015

504 - 6MMRPC 1: The First Line in the Sand

Hullo All,

Great News!  Look what arrived in the post this week:
Admittedly, this is Da Masta Cheef's photo (my wife has our camera) but they all arrived safe and - as Cheef won my competition to have a unit painted-up by your sometimes-humble author - I look forward to adding them to the 6MMPRC pile...and they're such smashing models that they'll definitely be right near the top!

As I said I would, I've just started my seasonal second job, which means I'll be working many more hours into the evenings than I currently do...but I still propose to engage with the Second Annual 6MMPRC.

Over the next few 6MMPRC I'll explore the 'mountains' I have for various systems (they're not too significant, to be honest) and I shall endeavour to actually start to reduce those mountains - even incrementally - each and every week.

To start with - naturellement - here is the Draxian Painting Chart as it currently stands for my Bolt Action 28mm force:
In case you were wondering, in no way at all was I a tiny wee bit sneaky in purchasing three additional bits to add to the pile on the evening of the 31st May. Nope. That didn't happen at all...and those models are in no way the ones shaded blue, above. Nope.

So that's the first couple of bits on the pile. 

Honestly? After painting ALL of the green BA-28 models in five-and-a-half months since the new year (an absolute all-time, twentymumble-year record for me, incidentally) I shall be turning my attention away from BA at that scale for a bit, so I suspect the first things on my list will be either my 15mm BA models or...maybe those sweet, sweet Orks?

Other posts in the near future include:
Flowers and Welshmen...and why I love 'em 
My first Bolt Action game report

With luck, some hobby time on the morrow.

Keep well,

- Drax.


  1. lol, well if you paint like me, you'll paint an Ork, maybe two, and then think about maybe painting another in a few weeks or so...

  2. Looking forward to finding out more about your love for Welshmen... I'm off to Wales next week for my holidays! Not so sure I'll be living on any Welshmen tho, think the fiancée would be a little miffed!

    1. You never know: they're very open and welcoming people, the Welsh...

    2. Welcoming to sheep....

  3. Ooooh. Everyone loves a surge.

  4. Replies
    1. We shall see, eh? I'm looking forward to it...

  5. I've just noticed that you've got 40K squads in your Bolt Action British and Commonwealth army. Infantry sections for that army should be eight men, what gives ?

    1. Hmmm: all my research seems to indicate that 4 KSLI in '44 ran 10-man sections:

      Full Screw with SMG, Lance Jack with SMG/rifle, 6 pax with rifles, then a Bren gunner and his No.2, all subdivided into a rifle group and a Bren group fire base.

      I was surprised, too, but apparently that's how they rocked.

    2. I've just checked Wikipedia too, as you piqued my interest. I appears that a 10-man section was normal until the 50s with the introduction of 7.62 small arms and the GPMG at section level.

      Kinda makes sense, I suppose: when you're kicking out GPMG rounds, you can afford to lose the output of a couple of Lee Enfields...

    3. Well, there you go. I thought we'd had eight man sections since time immemorial. "Admiral Drax - the educational blog."

    4. I rather suspect that since over-enthusiastic SDRs and budget restrictions (Oops - sorry, NATO!) we probably have platoons of eight men these days...

    5. Probably closer to 6-men squads if we're talking the state of the budget...

      No me gusta los orkses.... Current sculpts are just so... uninteresting to me. (Am sure you'll paint them up just fine though.)


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