Thursday, 23 July 2015

515 - Bolt Action 28mm: Stuff (pic-heavy)

Yup: completely forgot to post this after I spent the day playing my first proper Bolt Action battles at Kirton Games. Whilst there I also took some pics of the troops I had with me, so I thought I'd share them as I'm away from home for  a few days and I have the pics with me...

This is everything that's currently painted, mind, as I'm on a 40K push at the moment (for reasons which will soon become apparent):
Group Hug!
Core Platoon
6 Pounder - lovely!

Vickers MMG
Recce Section...although in Bolt Action only one vehicle can have the actual 'Recce' rule...
Recce Carrier. Note the optional Boys AT Rifle on a converted stand in the Bren position:this is from source pics, not just my imagination! In the third pic of this carrier, below, you might just see the very tip of the Bren gun, which I've converted to be clamped inside the starboard hull...
In essence, my Bolt Action British force now comprises the following:

  • Lieutenant + runner
  • Artillery Observer + runner
  • Medic
  • Sniper Team
  • PIAT Team
  • 4 Ten-man Rifle Sections
  • 2" Mortar Team 
  • 3" Mortar Team + spotter
  • Vickers MMG Team
  • 6pdr AT Gun
  • Recce Carrier
  • 3 Universal Carriers
  • Cromwell
  • AEC Armoured Car MkIII
  • Engineer Team (although I've no idea what rules are available for these!?)
  • Flamethrower Team.
So there we are. I've no plans to expand Bolt Action in 28mm at the moment, as I pretty much have all I want now... although I've fallen in love with the Staghound as a cheaper and better-looking recce alternative... and it'd be useful to have a spare officer in case I fancy fielding two reinforced platoons...

No, Drax. 

Naughty Drax. 

Remember the sacred 6MMRPC Oath, Drax.


  1. That is a very nice looking force Drax, dare I say inspirational? :-)

    1. Tee-Hee! Thanks, Paul! They were a genuine joy to paint, too.

  2. Very nice. I think having a project complete actually gives you an additional joker... :-P

    They look good. Very cohesive.

    1. Cheers, Cameron.

      I've never painted up a 'complete' force so swiftly for anything: January to May, all-in.

  3. Great looking force you have there!

  4. Damn but that's a fantastic looking army!

  5. Nice army! That's gotta look awesome on the boards!

    1. Thank you. They do, indeed, look smashing! (if a wee bit hard-to-spot at times.

  6. Of course you need (NEED) a second platoon. Get on with it.

    1. Not helped by a Plastic Soldier Company email this week promising lots of new releases imminently.


  7. What type of game mat did you take the pictures one? Any comments pro/con about it? It looks interesting...

    1. Ooh, Cameron's asked this before: I'll find out...

  8. Beautiful work! Now if I could just convince you to order Chain of Command and give it a go.....

    1. I won' take much convincing: where's best to find it?

    2. Done. ordered. on its way.


  9. Why haven't I commented on this one yet? Strange.

    So here you are showcasing your lovely Brit's (with just the purchase of another officer+attendant, you already have enough for two platoons, right?) And I am finally dipping my toe into Bolt action with some Winter Soviets of my own. One day perhaps theyll meet on the field of battle?

    1. Oh, I've plenty now!

      And yes, that would be awesome. There is a chance, also, that it might just not be impossible within the next two years. I have a wee plan: remind me sometime...

      In the present though, I hope you enjoy painting up the Soviets: my Bolt Action Brits are the first 28mm minis I've enjoyed painting in a looooong time. Genuinely enjoyed it!

    2. Have to say that thus far, sculpts-wise, their plastics are very nicely sculpted, but chock full of mold-lines. So thus far, I've done little more than clean up 12 men over the past two nights.

      Still, with so much variation in head and bodies, etc, this 40-man box is pretty much almost a platoon in and of itself. Pretty good value.

      "Wee plan"?


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