Sunday, 5 July 2015

511 - 6MMRPC 6: 40K Stormtroopers - It's On!

A teaser post really: 

I've got a big -- and I do mean 'BIG' -- 40K thing looming on the horizon, and I find that all of a sudden I really want to finish off painting some of the final bits and bobs for the Cadian 24th. In this case, I figured it's time - as part of the 6MMRPC - to acually construct and paint the remaining troops of my Stormtrooper platoon. 

By 'Stormtrooper' I do of course mean 'Militarum Tempestus'.
These pics are full size: check out the sergeant's 'tache!
And by 'remaining troops' I do of course mean 'two more full squads and an HQ'.


Still - my second job finished about 20 minutes I'm now going to be a lot more free! Weeee!

- D.


  1. When I sold those minis, I was disappointed in what they went for (this was prior to the Scions codex), even though most were painted well. I'd say keep em and a select few vehicles when you auction off the rest. That'll give you a small force to field when the 40k urge randomly hits you.

  2. I haven't seen first gen stormtroopers for a long time. Maybe you can squeek in a red shirt into one of your units.

    Nice work on the faces.....eyes are looking right (which should be considered big praise indeed).

    1. Great idea with the redshirt - thanks!

      Oh, and the faces on these sculpts are TERRIBLE, aren't they?! Still, gotta love 'em!

      BTW: your boyz are totally going to get some action in this game too...

    2. Sorry, daveb: that 'boyz' comment was meant for Da Masta Cheef. Also, I should point out that those finished pics are not new! (sadly they're from years ago).

  3. Looking good Drax! I love the idea of the red shirt him always survive. :)

  4. Commendable Drax, but I need my sleep.

  5. Haven't seen some 40K around these parts in ages! :)

    Elites are always more fun anyhow.

  6. I remember when these guys first came out. Still love them. A whole platoon of them will be a sight to behold! We are going to need them Drax...

  7. Haha, some nice slug-balancing going on there! Great job on the facial detail, really looks good.


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