Wednesday, 2 September 2015

524 - 6MMRPC 11: Sitrep

1) I'm back to work. Boo!
2) I managed some painting again last week - hooray! - more incremental progress on Da Masta Cheef's orks (which are slow-going for two reasons: 1) I had completely run out of dark brown paint, so I had to order some more, and 2) they're really surprisingly fiddly models, and yet there's a real paucity of detail in the recesses...).
3) No pics. I'm too tired. You'll just have to trust me.

Ave Imperator; more fluff soon,

- D.


  1. Sorry, but there was a reason I hadn't painted 'em, despite being one of my more effective units...

  2. Being back to work is better than out of work. Hopefully you'll keep on rolling with your painting despite the unreasonable (=P) demands on your time. It's true that tough models are a big drag on motivation...

  3. "Surprisingly fiddly orks". Not something one hears every day.


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