Sunday, 13 September 2015

525 - 6MMRPC 12: Comets Almost Finished

Busy back at work, but yes, I have been painting. Still ploughing through these Comets for the charity auction. I've about a week left to finish them and ship 'em to Norway.

Here's this week's progress (preceded by a pic of last week's progress, just because Dai didn't believe me):
Last week's progress - note that the paint on the road wheels is only blocked out, and the reversed turrets are still waiting for their proper basecoat (Russian Uniform) 
This week - progress part 1. Road wheels and tyres done.
This week - progress part 2. details and decals pretty much all now in place. They're balanced like that so that you can see the decals on each of the projections.
Cheers, guys - wish me luck!

- Drax.


  1. Looking good Drax, nice to see someone else's paint table is as covered in Russian Uniform coloured tanks as mine is!

    1. Yup. These five dull, green tanks have nudged five other dull, green tanks down the priority queue. Le roi est mort - vive le roi!

  2. Awsome :) thanks for doing this for us Chris

  3. So after sending these off to norway, you going to get some for yourself?

    Looking great mate, and the pics did help afterall. :)


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