Monday, 25 January 2016

542 - Even More Terrain Building and Gaming! What the--?!

I'm stupidly busy, and it's great. And exhausting. And great. And exhausting.

And great.

Work is going full tilt, I'm trying to get a job for a year in America, I've got half a table 'built' for a tournament less than a fortnight away, and somehow - somehow - I've managed to get a game of Bolt Action in...with another planned for this week! 


Details of my new-found club will emerge eventually, as will the pics of my last gaming night of cinematic X-Wing defeat...and a windmill update... but for now I shall leave you with two things. 

1) Some quick pics of last week's fun Bolt Action game (against a mixed Paras/Commando force), and
2) The joyous knowledge that my PIAT team somehow managed to one-shot a Cromwell. I can now die happy.
...and then I lost mine, to an airstrike. Fair enough.
- Drax.

PS: Is my blog looking weird to you too, or is it just me?


  1. Nice looking game. Are you going to send it in for the firestorm campaign? :-)

  2. Looks like you had a blast!

    Yes your blog is looking a bit white these days. Trying something new?

  3. Now Drax, firing a Piat into an open hatch isn't playing nice...

  4. Nice looking table! Piat killing something is not too frequent an event from what I'm aware, especially when it kills one of our own!

    Blog looks fine to me. But then I concentrate on the posts, not the stuff around them. :)

  5. Brit on Brit ? Yep, it's getting weird.


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