Monday, 23 May 2016

556 - Gorgeous Commission-Painted Churchill I

Hullo, All!

A strange set of circumstances has led to two things: 

  1. I won a lovely Churchill I, at the tournament, back in February, and 
  2. I've just had it painted by commission - something I've never even vaguely considered doing.
The very talented (and extremely speedy!) Mike Carless - based in the UK as War Paint Workshop; [link] details below - was touting for business to kickstart his commissioning, and after a brief bit of pondering, I decided to take advantage of his absolutely knock-down introductory price...and here is the fantastic result - a battered and bruised Churchill I from 51st RTR - one of a handful that saw stalwart service in both North Africa and up through the Italian campaign:
The model is from Mad Bob's Miniatures: [link here] and is absolutely gorgeous.
It's hard to overstate how impressed I am with Mike's painting service [again, see below for details] - the tank, which was sent as bare and untreated resin, was completed within five days of Mike receiving it, and he even added some excellent stowage. I gave him only a vague steer for unit markings etc. and what he delivered was absolutely spot-on for my needs.  

It looks suitably knackered and beaten up, and well dusted by light Mediterranean dust and muck. In fact, it's made me start to reconsider whether I ought really to weather my NW Europe vehicles a little more convincingly...but that can wait for now!
Armed with a useful combination of (in game terms) a 2pdr light AT turret and a 3" light howitzer in the hull, this thing can bimble along at the back of my lines and lay down some characterfully light 'hurt' whilst hopefully taking a few punches too. 
In this last shot you can also see the alternative hull plate to replace the 3" howitzer. The substitution of the hull MG makes it into a Churchill Mk II.
Having ended up with a surprise Churchill I/II - and being a little baffled by just where it might fit into my long-term plans, it brought me joy to discover that the Mark Is actually kept lumbering on into the Gothic Line in '44 - a tribute to their close support firepower and legendary (if slow) manoeuvrability across rugged terrain. This meant it was in fact perfect to go with the North Africa-cum-Italy force I plan to develop in the future. 

My vague plan now is considering the Perry Desert Rats box with the Perry Sikh heads. I reckon that'd be more fun, and a wee tribute to all the Sikh lads I grew up with and their grandfathers' sacrifices on behalf of ol' Blighty.

Mike Carless - War Paint Workshop

If you are interested in making use of Mike's excellent services, you can find him on 
  • facebook on this link [here]
  • twitter as MikeyCarless 
  • or by email: mcarless [at] rocketmail dot com.
He communicates extremely well and he really is bafflingly swift!

Spread the word...

Cheers, All,

- Drax.


  1. Very nice. A worthy addition to your war effort.

    1. At the absolute rock-bottom price on offer I couldn't resist helping a fellow to get going...

  2. That looks so good mate. The Italy khaki colour is a good one for a Churchill. Think the Sikh lads running alongside will be a great looking force as well.
    Was considering picking up a Mkiv to serve as a Lend Lease Churchill so I can run my Soviets in earlier stages of the war as well.
    But now you mention North Africa and I did so love putting together my Flames of War 7th Motor Company with it's Kingforce Churchill detachment... Hrm...

    1. Thanks, matey!

      Trust me, if this had been the right kind of Churchill then it WOULD have been Kingforce. Yours absolutely inspired me!

      Plus... y' namesake and everything...

    2. Thanks, matey!

      Trust me, if this had been the right kind of Churchill then it WOULD have been Kingforce. Yours absolutely inspired me!

      Plus... y' namesake and everything...

    3. Perhaps a 2nd Churchill might be in order? :P

  3. Wow that is nice. Great model and a beautiful paint job. Gotta be happy with that Drax.

  4. A nice model indeed, and good to hear of your experiences with commission painting. I might have to look into this!

  5. Nice model but Church 1 tanks were a shotting practice for Germans, especially in 1943. Happy D-Day!


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