Sunday, 26 June 2016

560 - Bolt Action Painting Chart

Hullo, All.

I realised it was a while since I'd updated my painting charts. As this is really my only focus at the moment - at the moment! - please find below my 28mm Bolt Action British late-war 4KSLI, as they currently stand:

Quite a bit of work to do, as you can no doubt see, but I'm happy with where I am. The yellow 'in progress' stuff is mostly just 'in progress' because it's larger stuff (all vehicles) that sit rather obviously and ominously in my drawer, reminding me that I need to show them some love. All infantry are on the back burner at the moment, because thy're far more fiddly, and as the cottage is such a dire mess at the moment, I cannot face dragging them out.

I promise I'll catch up on your blogs soon: my week nights should soon become a little more free once again...

Take care, All,

- Drax.


  1. You forgot about Churchill 1.

    1. Ha!

      Thanks, Jakub, but no I didn't: that's not part of my 11th Armoured Div force.

      That Churchill is going to be lumbering alongside my Desert Rats once they get up and running through North Africa and into Italy!

  2. Have always liked your charts. Clear and concise.

    Can't seem to remember to update my own and then they get so far behind I see no point in going back to them.

    That "Small BA Project" turned into a flippin' company!


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